Twitter Trend Tuesday Results: #ArteMorenoLies

The first Twitter Trend Tuesday is in the books and it certainly seemed like a good start.  There wasn’t a whole lot of people coming up with contributions of their own, but there were re-tweets aplenty, so clearly plenty of people enjoyed the exercise.  As promised, here are some of the top tweets from other users:

@AkNOXXX: I can’t spend any money without raising ticket prices. #ArteMorenoLies

@VanessaQT: The #Angels really had no problems last year, and we’ve rectified the few problems in offense by signing two lefty pitchers. #ArteMorenoLies

@714ANGELSFAN: Arte said he bought the team for $183m. No one guy is worth $142m. Didn’t he offer Teixeira $160m..Hmmm. #ArteMorenoLies

And now here are a few of the ones I sent out that were real crowd pleasers:

@MonkeyWithAHalo: I don’t know what you are talking about. Scott Kazmir is a great pitcher and we are lucky to have him. #ArteMorenoLies

@MonkeyWithAHalo: Fernando Rodney is the best closer in the league. Being able to throw strikes is totally overrated. #ArteMorenoLies

@MonkeyWithAHalo: The #Angels were a mystery team for Cliff Lee too. So mysterious that his agent couldn’t even see our offer. #ArteMorenoLies

@MonkeyWithAHalo: Didn’t you hear? Anaheim is now officially in Los Angeles city limits. #ArteMorenoLies

@MonkeyWithAHalo: The #Angels will not bid against themselves for Beltre… We just won’t bid at all. #ArteMorenoLies

@MonkeyWithAHalo: Scott Boras is a wonderful human being, a terrific agent and a handsome man. I have no problem with him whatsoever. #ArteMorenoLies

Thanks to all who joined in, let’s do it again next week.  Only I will try and make the topic a little more on the positive side.

Garrett Wilson

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