You Make the Call: How Do You Like the New Logo and Uniforms?

The Angels are set to unveil a new logo and slight change in team uniforms for 2011 in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Angel franchise.  Though the modifications are slight (changing the Halo around the Big A from silver to gold), do they make things any better or any worse?

Angels 50th Anniversary Logo

You Make the Call! What do you think of the new Angels logo and uniforms?

A) Really, that’s it?  The Halo is gold now?  Was that really necessary?

B) It is still basically the same uniform, but I like the subtle change.  I mean, I’m not crazy about it, but it is good enough to convince me to go out and buy a new Angels hat.  Hooray for Uncle Arte pocketing more merchandise dollars!

C) I love it.  It always bothered me that the Halo is silver in the current logo.  The Halo has almost always been gold, so this just sets things back to the way they rightfully should have been in the first place.

SECRET OPTION D) I love gooooooold!!!!

Garrett Wilson

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