You Make the Call: How Many Wins Will the Angels Finish With?

The Angels’ season hasn’t been pretty, but at least it is almost over.  With the division crown well out of reach, all the Angels have left to play for is respect, but that won’t be easy if they keep playing like the team that currently sports a 65-69 record.  Getting back over .500 and staying there would be a solid accomplishment for the Halos, but given their current struggles, is that really something they can do in their 28 remaining games?

August 3, 2010: Los Angeles Angels Juan Rivera during the Baltimore Orioles 6-3 win versus the visiting Los Angeles Angels at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland. This was the first game under new Orioles manager Buck Showalter.

You Make the Call! How many wins will the Angels finish the season with?

A) 86+ wins.  Better late than never, the Angels will finally catch fire, finishing the season on a torrid hot streak that will leave them just shy of winning the division, but good enough to make everyone afraid of what the Angels will do in 2011.

B) 82-85 wins.  Scioscia’s boys never quit, expect them to step their games up the rest of the way so that they can save some face by finishing with a winning record.

C) 77-81.  The Angels are a mediocre team, nothing more, nothing less.  Them going .500 (give or take a game) the rest of the way seems about right.

D) 76 or fewer wins.  The Halos are four games under .500 right now, but they are lucky to even have a record that good.  The bats have gone silent in recent weeks, the bullpen is getting worse and the rotation is wearing down.  Avert your eyes, this final month of the season isn’t going to be pretty.

SECRET OPTION E) 65 wins.  Have you seen this team hit?  They can barely score any runs and you kind of need runs to win games last time I checked.  There is no way this punchless squad is even going to win one more game.

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