You Make the Call: Which Playoff Team Should Angel Fans Root For?

The post-season has begun but the Angels are busy golfing.  What is a Halo fan to do?  We’ve got to watch the playoffs, but what team should we root for?

Angels World Series Trophy

You Make the Call! What team do you want to win the World Series since it can’t be the Angels?

A) Atlanta Braves.  Probably not a popular choice, but it would be nice to see manager Bobby Cox retire as a champion.

B) Cincinnati Reds.  I can’t think of a good reason to root for the Reds, other than they aren’t the Yankees.  Go Not the Yankees!

C) Minnesota Twins.  Do you know how cold it is about to get in Minnesota?  The Twins deserve a title if only to make the winter somewhat bearable.

D) New York Yankees.  Of course I want the Yankees to win.  I also want to drown a bag of kittens and steal candy from mentally handicapped babies and then light them on fire.

E) Philadelphia Phillies.  Roy Halladay threw a no-hitter, clearly the Phils are the team of destiny and I am not one to stand in the way of destiny.

F) San Francisco Giants.  Because we kind of owe them for stealing the 2002 World Series from them.

G) Tampa Bay Rays.  Joe Maddon on the bench?  A mysterious inability to score runs in the post-season?  Are we sure these guys aren’t really the Angels in disguise?

H) Texas Rangers.  They are the former Angel All-Stars (Darren O’Day, Darren Oliver, Bengie Molina, Vlad Guerrero), so this might be as close as the Halos can get to a championship this year.

SECRET OPTION I) None of the above.  If the Angels can’t win it, I don’t care.  When does the Laker season start?

Garrett Wilson

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