You Make the Call: Which Veteran Should Sit So the Prospects Can Play?

The Angels’ season is plodding along towards its merciful end and fans of the team have little to look forward to each night.  One thing they could be looking forward to is seeing one of their fine young prospects, Mark Trumbo and Hank Conger, getting a chance to show what they can do.  The only problem is, Mike Scioscia hasn’t seen fit to play either one of them yet.  The reason for this is the logjam on the depth chart in front of the youngsters.  That is a problem that could be easily solved if Scioscia would just agree to bench one or two of the veterans that are blocking the rookies, but who should it be?

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You Make the Call! Which veteran(s) should sit so Trumbo and Conger can play?

A) Juan Rivera.  Same underachieving bat and poor defense, new defensive position.  I think we’ve seen all we need to see of him for this year.

B) Hideki Matsui.  He’s 100 years old and there is no way that the Angels are going to bring him back next season, so every at-bat they give him the rest of the way is a complete and total waste.

C) Mike Napoli.  Scioscia clearly doesn’t want to use him as much as he should anyway, why not let him take it to the next level and let him bench Naps permanently?  It doesn’t make good baseball sense, but it’ll make Scioscia happy.

D) Jeff Mathis.  I don’t even care if he gets benched so Conger can play, he should just get benched anyway for being so freaking pathetic with a bat in his hands.

SECRET OPTION E) All of the above.  Bench them all, it isn’t like having them in the line up is going to cripple the offense or anything.  Let the kids play as much as possible; the future needs to be the Angels’ focus now.

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