Daily links for the LA Angels including Haren should be fine for his next start, Angels hold a closed door meeting to talk offense (or lack thereof), Juan Rivera’s days might be numbered and much more.

The Story: Dan Haren should be on track to make his next start.

The Monkey Says: Haren got a more thorough exam yesterday and it looks like he should be just fine and the bruise on hi pitching arm won’t keep him from starting the in the crucial series against the Rangers in a few days.

The Story: The Angels held a closed door meeting to discuss their flagging offense.

The Monkey Says: Darn, I was hoping the Angels would fix their offense by trading for players who could actually hit.  If only we had known all this time that a mere meeting could cure their woes!

The Story: Rumors are that the Angels would now prefer to avoid a rental at first base at the trade deadline.

The Monkey Says: Earlier reports had them interested in only rentals, but I have maintained all along that such a strategy made no sense and that the team would be looking for a non-rental who could either move to the outfield or DH in 2011 to make room for Kendry Morales but also replace Hideki Matsui.

The Story: Juan Rivera may not be killing rallies for much longer.

The Monkey Says: Fans are losing patience with Rivera, but now it seems management might be too by having young stud Peter Bourjos get some work in left field.  That is just speculation, but it makes a lot of sense and I have been a big proponent of calling Bourjos up to put a scare into Rivera who seems to have lost focus this year which is not so coincidentally the first year where he hasn’t had to fight for at-bats.

The Story: The Angels turned down a Garrett Jones for Maicer Izturis deal.

The Monkey Says: And smartly so.  Jones really isn’t anything special and the Angels value Izturis too much to give him up, especially now.  Frankly, the Pirates GM should have his head checked for even asking for Mike Scioscia’s favorite player in a trade.  He would have been better off asking to take his daughter’s virginity.

The Story: The Angels are willing to take the ultimate risks for the ultimate reward.

The Monkey Says: I don’t know that the moves the Angels are making are all that risky.  They are giving up less than elite prospects for players who are generally proven commodities.  The Kazmir trade last year was really the only big risk Tony Reagins has taken, every other move he has made has been just plain smart and there is nothing wrong with that.

The Story: Why can’t Dan Haren hit for himself?

The Monkey Says: Now you’re just being stupid.  Haren can hit for a pitcher, but he isn’t going to be allowed to hit in an AL game ever.

The Story: Should we be glad that Brian Fuentes hasn’t pitched much lately?

The Monkey Says: That is a yes and a no for me.  Yes, because I still think he is wildly overrated and shouldn’t be a closer, but no because his lack of work translates to the Angels not winning.

The Story: Mike Trout is sponsoring a youth league team.

The Monkey Says: The team was already named in his honor and he felt compelled to lend them a sponsorship.  The legend of Trout continues to grow in Angel land.