The verdict is in and Andrew Gallo, the dumbass, waste of life drunk driver that killed Nick Adenhart and two others has been found guilty of three counts of second-degree murder.

Apr 10, 2009 - Anaheim, California, USA - NHL Hockey - The Anaheim DUCKS beat the Dallas STARS 4-3 in a shoot out. The game was held at the Honda Center, Anaheim. Dallas tied the game in regulation play with less than a minute left in the third period. The teams played scoreless hockey in the five minute overtime period. The Ducks out scored the Stars, 2 to 1, in the shoot out. Ducks goalie, JONAS HILLER was a key factor in the win for Anaheim. HILLER's defense kept his team in the game. HILLER also shut out two of the Star's in the shoot out. The win clinched a playoff birth for the DUCKS against either San Jose or Detroit. FEATURED: Athlete-Mourned-Anaheim Angel rookie pitcher, NICK ADENHART, was remembered at the start of the game. ADENHART and two others were killed two nights earlier by a drunk driver, just blocks from the Honda Center. A moment of silence took place before the game in honor of ADENHART and his two friends who were killed Photo via Newscom

RIP, Nick.

I’m not going to rehash the details of what happened that night in 2009, but suffice it to say that based on the details that emerged during this trial of just how reckless this Gallo character was, he is getting everything he deserved in this verdict.

I for one am relieved that this was the outcome of the trial since Gallo would have walked on the whole case if the jury decided that he hadn’t acted with wanton disregard for human life.  While I have some sympathy for the friends and family of Andrew Gallo, there is really no excuse for what he did and I don’t feel bad at all about saying that I hope prison life is hard on him and that the afterlife is even harder.  Sorry if that sounds harsh, but if you kill three people (and I am not even just piling on here because he killed a player for my favorite team), well… screw you.  Screw you so hard and burn in hell, scumbag.

Hopefully once this breathing pile of crap Gallo gets sentenced, the families of all the victims and Angel fans everywhere can begin to make peace with this tragedy.  And it should go without saying that if you have followed this story and even think about getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking, then you are a very stupid person.

I’ll get off my soapbox now.