Daily links for the LA Angels including Ric Wilson promoted to scouting director, the Rally Monkey creator is selling his World Series ring, grading Tony Reagins and much more.

The Story: The Angels have promoted their national crosschecker, Ric Wilson, to director of scouting.

The Monkey Says: Wilson immediately talks about adding power arms and bats with a mix of speed and defense, so it doesn’t sound as if their recent focus in drafts is going to change all that much, though the evaluation process figures to be shaken up as might the Angels’ proclivity for drafting more high school players than college players.  Congrats to Ric and the Angels who did the smart thing, promoting someone named Wilson.  That strategy will never ever fail, not that I, Garrett Wilson, am biased or anything.

The Story: The creator of the Rally Monkey is going to sell his World Series ring.

The Monkey Says: Robert Castillo has been out of work since the Angels fired him in 2007, so he is selling the ring for $19,000 as a last resort to staving off “financial ruin.”  That really stinks for Castillo and I hope things turn around for him.  On a related note, can anyone lend me $19,000?

The Story: Grading Tony Reagins’ tenure as general manager.

The Monkey Says: That is a fun exercise and all, but what Tony did in the past really doesn’t matter much now.  What does matter is what he will do this off-season, which is arguably the most important off-season of the century for the Angels.

The Story: Recently fired Angel scouting director Eddie Bane has been hired by the Detroit Tigers.

The Monkey Says: No surprise here.  Bane is well respected, so there was likely a pretty good bidding war for his services.  What will be interesting though is if the Angels and Tigers get involved in any trade talks this off-season (Detroit is a logical trade destination for Mike Napoli) and whether or not Bane’s presence makes those talks complicated.

The Story: Ten things the Angels must get right in 2011.

The Monkey Says: I agree with almost all of them.  The one I disagree with is signing Weaver to an extension.  Hello!  Scott Boras is his agent.  You have a better chance of seeing the cast if the Jersey Shore be inducted into MENSA and taking a vow of chastity at the same time.

The Story: The Angels will target big names in free agency.

The Monkey Says: Well, duh.  Crawford, Beltre and Werth would be great, but I really don’t want anything to with Adam Dunn.  Personally, I just want the Angels to get back to a more high-pressure offense predicated on lots of contact and speed, not doubling down on signing a slugger who strikes out a ton (and who also offers no defensive value).

The Story: The 50th anniversary promotions for the Angels have been unveiled.

The Monkey Says: Enter now or forever hold your peace.