Hooray!!!!!  The Rays season is over and that can only mean one thing… CARL CRAWFORD IS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Happy Carl Crawford Liberation Day everyone!  Let the countdown to his true free agency begin!!!

Carl Crawford and Torii Hunter

Torii and Carl look pretty good together don’t they?

That Crawford is going to be a free agent is nothing new.  Nor is it a surprise to anyone that the Angels are going to go after him fast and hard in free agency.  What is new is that Crawford now has nothing to occupy his time anymore other than to sit around and contemplate his future.  His Rays are done and so likely is his Rays career, so he can’t brush off questions about what he might be looking for in a new team and new contract with the old “I’m just focusing on playing the games right now” line.

Unfortunately, while Crawford is now free, the Angels aren’t yet free to pursue him.  Free agency won’t open for a few more weeks yet (at least through official lines of communication, anyway).  But this is Carl Crawford Liberation Day, right?  The team may not be able to reach out to Crawford yet, but we fans can.  So, as part of your observance of Carl Crawford Liberation day, send a message or two or three thousand to Carl at his Twitter account or Facebook page.  I know I will.