Last week there were eight teams left in the playoffs, now there are four and, unfortunately, one of them has to win the World Series.  Any good baseball fan has to be pulling for someone, but which of the remaining teams is the lesser of four evils?

2010 MLB Post-season

You Make the Call! Which of the four remaining teams could you actually stomach winning the World Series?

We did this exercise when the divisional series started, but seeing how the four worst possible teams to root for all made it to the next round, I think it is only appropriate that we do it one more time.

A) New York Yankees.  Why won’t they ever just go away?  Then again, maybe if they win two championships in a row, they’ll decide they don’t need to spend much in free agency this off-season, thus removing themselves from the Carl Crawford bidding.

B) Philadelphia Phillies.  I’ve got nothing against the Phillies themselves, so that is a plus.  Then again, their fans are mostly just horrible people who boo Santa Claus and cheer when opposing players have to get carried off on a stretcher.  Do you really want that fan base to celebrate a World Series title twice in three years?

C) San Francisco Giants.  The sympathetic side of me says that Angel fans should put their support behind the Giants since we broke their hearts back in 2002.  Then again, they are battery chuckers who still have a karmic price to pay for the premature celebration of the 2002 World Series title when Dusty Baker gave Russ Ortiz the game ball.

D) Texas Rangers.  I guess there is something novel about rooting for the last franchise to win a playoff series, but really?  The Rangers?  Who wants that?  We’ll never be able to shut Ian Kinsler up if they win it all.

SECRET OPTION E) None of the above.  Is it too late for there to be a labor dispute that leads to a strike or lockout that cancels the World Series?  Please?  With sugar on top?