2nd Opinion Says… Morales Is Done For The Season

I think we all saw this coming, if not when Morales ended up being not ready to start the season, then definitely when news broke about him seeking out a second opinion.

As it turns out, that second opinion was the one we didn’t want to hear, that Morales would have to go under the knife again and thus miss the rest of the season.

What is even scarier is just how nebulous this whole situation still is.  From what I gleaned from the various statements on the diagnosis, this surgery is going to be explorative.  In other words, they don’t really know what’s wrong yet, so they can’t even give a timeline for when he will be healthy.  Heck, the best they could offer us was that it would be a “minimum of six months.”  A minimum!!!  That means we could be going through this recovery dance again next season.

Just shoot me.

The real question now is where the Angels go from here.  For that, well, I’ll try and delve into that tomorrow.  I need to digest this news for a little while first… and maybe bash my head on the keyboard a few times.

Garrett Wilson

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