Can Mark Trumbo Really Play Third Base?

With the roster more or less set for the Angels, it is time to focus on some more detailed issues, like how said roster is going to fit together.  There may not be a more pressing issue than what to do with Mark Trumbo.  Specifically, can the big man handle a transition from first base to third base?

Scouts seem to think the Angels would be better off sticking a pole in the ground by third and hoping a ball hits it.

Sabermetricians like ESPN’s Mark Simon believe they have statistical evidence that shows that Trumbo will not only fail to suck at third base, but even possibly be something of a defensive asset.

And the Angels must think it is a good idea otherwise they wouldn’t be giving it a try in the first place, right?

Me, I just want to see Trumbo give it a go.  If it works out, great, because his power bat gets to stay in the lineup.  If it doesn’t, it figures to be such an epic catastrophe that I am considering buying an external hard drive for my DVR so that I can store all the blooper reel videos in perpetuity.

Surely it means something that when I searched Google for a picture of Trumbo fielding to use in this post, I had to go to the third page of results to find one, no?

The thing about it is nobody knows what to expect, not even Trumbo himself.  As such, I see no other option than to crowdsource this conundrum, so have at it MWaHers (oh, by the way, I am trying to think of a nickname for the loyal readers of this blog, MWaHers is terrible but everything else I come up with is based on the word “monkey” and sounds mildly racist and/or sexual, somebody give me a better idea).

Mark Trumbo

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