Free For All Friday: Chatting With the Enemy

I realize that Free For All Friday has quickly devolved into Shameless Self-Promotion Friday, but it is my blog and I’ll do what I want.  Anyway, on to my latest announcement.

For those of you who haven’t noticed it in the Game Previews the last two days, I will be joining the folks (I’d call them good folks, but they are Red Sox fans, so how “good” can they be?) at Firebrand of the American League for a live chat throughout the game.  Now, I don’t know if I am the only Angel blogger that will slumming it over with the BoSox fans, so it could get pretty ugly pretty quick if some Halo faithful don’t show up to have my back.  So, please, if you have nothing better to do on Saturday, come join the chat and help me deal with all of those Massholes.

Buck Foston

I’ll have a link up for the chat sometime tomorrow, but until then, please follow the directions in the sign above.

OK, shameless self-promotion over.

Here are a few topics for you to discuss amongst yourselves:

  • You know, I used to make fun of the Dodgers and their ownership mess, but now that MLB has taken over the team, I almost feel bad for Dodger fans… almost.
  • My wife is forcing me to go see Water for Elephants with her tonight.  Should I actually go with her and watch the movie or should I just punch myself in the balls and stay home and call it an even draw?
  • My daughter is almost two years old and speaks very, very well for her age, but she insists on calling a baseball a soccer ball despite me constantly correcting her on it.  I think I might have already failed as a father.

Or just feel free to bring up a non-Angels topic of your own.  I don’t really care (as long as you keep it clean) because it’s Friday.

Garrett Wilson

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