Free For All Friday: Free Hank Conger!

Time for Free For All Friday, a time to talk about all the Angels-related topics that slipped through the cracks this week, as well as any other totally unrelated topic you feel like bringing up.

Here are a few topics for you to discuss amongst yourselves:

  • I think I already mentioned this, but I don’t care because it is just so great.  The Rangers lost two games againt the Tigers thanks to their vaunted rebuilt bullpen.  The first when new acquisition Mike Adams allowed a game-winning homer, the second when slightly less new acquisition Koji Uehara allowed a solo homer of his own that gave Detroit an insurance run in the bottom of the eighth only to have Mike Napoli hit what would have been the game-tying homer in the top of the ninth.  I scoff in your general direction, Texas.
  • Now that the NFL is back and I now actually live in a city that has a NFL team, I feel like I should be more excited.  I think the problem is that I always hated USC and now I’m stuck in Seattle and their head coach Pete Carroll.  The hideous uniforms the Seahawks wear doesn’t help much either.
  • Allow me to be the 8,952,355,353rd person to point out that Hank Conger has been laying waste to Triple-A since he was demoted.  With a .317/.379/.583 slash line, I think it is safe to say that Hank should have his confidence back by now, even if those stats are Salt Lake-inflated.  So when is he going to get called back up?  I know Scioscia wants his defense to improve, and maybe it has in Salt Lake, but even if it hasn’t, I don’t think the team can ignore the chance to actually get some offense from their catchers finally.  Free Hank Conger!
  • I’m considering going to the Red Sox-Mariners game next weekend because I feel like I’m a bad baseball fan if I don’t see at least one game a month considering that I live ten minutes away from the stadium.  The problem I am having is a question of etiquette.  Who do I root against?  The Mariners are division rivals, but they are also a laughingstock.  Boston though is just so hateable and has the obvious history against the Angels.  I feel like if I root against both, I’m going to need a Prozac by the end of the game.  What is a monkey to do?
  • I’m not sure why the Angels chose to call up Andrew Romine instead of Alexi Amarista.  The Angels don’t really need another utility infielder, but they could use an extra outfielder and Amarista can play both the infield and the outfield, plus he can pinch-run.  He seems like the obvious choice.  Besides, don’t they realize they are depriving me from making “Amarista is short” jokes again?  I was so looking forward to that.

Or just feel free to bring up a topic of your own.  I don’t really care (as long as you keep it clean) because it’s Friday.

Garrett Wilson

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