Free For All Friday: FREEDOM!

Welcome to Free For All Friday, the one time per week where this all-Angels, all the time blog takes a brief break to discuss things unrelated to the Halos.  Why, you ask?  Why not?  That’s why.  I know all you commenters have a lot of burning baseball and non-baseball issues on your mind, so take advantage of this freedom and comment your little heart out.

Braveheart Freedom!

Discuss whatever you want, just don’t copy Mel and start dropping Anit-Semitic slurs.

Here are a few topics for you to discuss amongst yourselves (by the way, this feature will be much better in the near future when the site gets the new commenting system Bloguin keeps promising me):

  • Final Four predictions?  I’m going with UCONN vs. VCU in the championship game, with the Huskies winning in a walk.
  • Best April Fools’ Day stories?  For example, my boss fooled us all today by claiming our CTO wanted us to convert our entire code base to Perl and C instead of Java.  This is funny if you are a nerd.
  • Why the hell should I care that Grey’s Anatomy did a muscial episode?  Seriously, why?  Who even still watches that show?  My wife even gave up on it and she normally loves that kind of crap.

Or just feel free to bring up a non-Angels topic of your own.  I don’t really care because it’s Friday.

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