Free For All Friday: MLB Draft Thoughts and Trout a Futures All-Star and a Future All-Star

Time for Free For All Friday, a time to talk about all the Angels-related topics that slipped through the cracks this week, as well as any other totally unrelated topic you feel like bringing up.

Here are a few topics for you to discuss amongst yourselves:

  • I’ve always thought that baseball is stupid for not allowing teams to trade draft picks, but after watching the NBA draft last night and seeing teams pull off 10+ trades in a draft that has only 60 total picks, I now realize why baseball prohibits such activity.  There are 50 rounds and 1500+ picks in the MLB amateur draft, so trying to work out those trades, much less keep track of them seems like a total logistical nightmare.  I’m pretty sure my brain would melt out of my ears if I even tried to look at a draft pick trade value chart for the MLB draft, and God forbid they make it even longer should they ever turn it into a worldwide draft.  On the other hand, David Kahn isn’t a MLB GM, so the trade volume should be a lot less without his bumbling prominently involved. (If I didn’t just set you all up for obvious Tony Reagins jokes, I don’t know what else you need)
  • Everyone always mentions the rain when they talk about Seattle, but one little climate factor they fail to mention is the extended sunlight.  For some reason I never put two and two together and realized that a move so far north would mean a dramatic shift in the daytime hours.  It really is kind of crazy that I drove back from the grocery store last night at 9 pm and I didn’t really even need to put my headlights on.  I feel like this somehow gives the Mariners an unfair advantage during day games since almost all of their home games are day games this time of year.
  • Did anyone else see the petition to have FOX hire Vin Scully to call a World Series game?  If not, I insist you sign it NOW!  Not only is it a great honor for a legendary announcer, but it is also a way to save us from one game of the sufferable Joe Buck and the brain-crushing Tim McCarver.
  • You know those alleged Blake Lively photos that came out a few weeks ago?  Blake Lively claims they aren’t her, not that anyone believes her, but on the off-chance that they really aren’t her, whoever it is pretending to be her should immediately step up and let the world know that she is the insanely hot naked chick in those pictures.  She’d become a star overnight (possibly a star of the “adult” variety, but a star nonetheless).
  • It just occurred to me that Mike Trout, should he prove to be as great as advertised, could be in the All-Star Futures Game this year and then in the actuall All-Star Game next year.  It is pretty unlikely, I suppose, but how cool would that be?

Or just feel free to bring up a topic of your own.  I don’t really care (as long as you keep it clean) because it’s Friday.

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