Game Preview 6/3/11 — I’m not afraid of the Big Bad Yankees — Yankees vs. Angels

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New York Yankees (31-23) @ Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (29-29)

Pitching Probables: NYY — Ivan Nova (4-3, 4.67 ERA) LAA – Jered Weaver (6-4, 2.10 ERA)

Game Info: 7:05 PM PT; TV – Fox Sports West; Radio – KLAA 830 AM

I use to despise the Yankees with all the venom in my heart. I couldn’t stand the smug nature of their owner. I hated the pinstripes and the arrogance of he Yankee fans. I hated the fact that when the Yanks were in town the Big A felt like a road game. But something has changed over the past few years. I have transferred that hatred to the Red Sox, rendering the Yankees slighlty less significant a series in my mind. Not sure if that is shared by all Angel fans but I for one feel less enthused to see the Yankes then I used to.

Monkey See, Monkey Do Expect to see Jered Weaver give up some runs. Although he has a winning record against New York (4-2), he does tend to give up home runs when they play (he has a 5.88 career ERA against). The only hope is that Ivan Nova also gives up a ton of runs and we get a shootout type of game. By the way, how is it that the Yankees, with all their money, are running out a AAA talent at best as their fourth starter? Don’t they usually fix this problem by signing someone? Can we gift them Scott Kazmir just for the fun of it?

Monkey See, Monkey Don’t Expect the Angels to just role over because it’s the Yankees. There are just some teams that play well against another regardless of the players. Toronto has always owned the Angels in Toronto, same for KC. The Yankees always seem to struggle when the hit Anaheim. Whether it’s ghosts of playoffs past or the California sun or some other issue, the Angels seem to own the Bronx Bombers. Here’s hoping that trend continues.

The Monkey’s Bananas Prediction of the Day Call me crazy but this feels like a job for Mark Trumbo. Trumbo has been hitting well lately and hsi job is seemingly on the line with all the DL returnees coming soon, so he will play well tonight. Also, screw it, I’m jumping on the Mathis Train. Jeffy will hit tonight and guide Weaver through a shaky but effective night. Angels win 6-4.