Game Preview 7/28/11: Halo Magic

The magic carries over to Detroit as Trumbo comes just a single shy of hitting for the cycle, having himself one of his best games all year. Unfortunately the magic didn’t carry over to Pineiro, who continues to struggle start after start. The firey offense that was absent during the Cleveland series finally came back to play against the Tigers, the proof that this offense has finally jumpstarted is irrefutable. Jeff Mathis ended up with a multi-hit game today, he even had an RBI! If the fire carried all the way down to the 9 hole logic states that it’s gotta be for real. Especially when that 9-hole hitter is named Jeff Mathis.

Angels 12 Tigers 7

Game Notes

  •  What in the world has happened to Joel Pineiro? He hasn’t strung together quality starts in what seems like forever, he can’t even find it in him to string together mediocre starts! This sudden decline in ability reminds me a lot of Scott Kazmir, he’s constantly throwing an inefficient number of pitchers and is struggling to keep the ball in the park. While his control hasn’t suffered on a Kamir-ian level his ability to keep runners off the basepaths have severely declined. Where did it all go, one has to wonder. Is he maybe facing some sort of injury or ailment that is prevented him from performing at the top of his ability? He shows zero presence on the mound and continually allows hitters to push him over like some minor league scrub. I would have a lot more complaining in me if Brad Penny wasn’t as bad as Pineiro today. The difference between the two being Brad Penny’s inability to keep his emotions in control on the mound, he let them take control of his pitching and his game suffered greatly, eventually he snapped under all the pressure and took his frustrations out on V-Mart. While that was amusing to watch it was sad to see Penny verbally abusing his catcher because he couldn’t get himself of the inning without being barraged by Angel hitters.
  • Bobby Cassevah lowered his ERA to 2.87 after his 2 scoreless IP today, earning him his first win of the season. While the Angels came out with a very quick lead, almost ensuring Pineiro the victory, I’m glad to see the win go to someone who actually deserved it. I know the Wins and Losses stat is rather arbitrary nowadays, but even so does a pitcher who performed like Pineiro did really deserve to come up with a W. I know it seems like I’m throwing a lot of fire Pineiro’s way, but with his performance so far this season one has to wonder if the Angels could find someone else who could do his job better. Scoiscia has been pulling some rather radical moves this past season, or at least radical for his type of managing, so a move regarding Joel wouldn’t surprise me. Pineiro hitting the DL with an insignificant injury while someone else comes in to audition for his spot seems right up this managements alley, where that auditionee will come from is beyond me though. 
  • This offense was absolutely electric today, almost every was feeling the heat today. Everyone on the offense contributed to today’s victory, but Mark Trumbo was today’s shining star. It’s games like this that make you forget all about Kendrys Morales absence, I haven’t even thought of the guy in weeks, I almost forget he even existed. I’ve never expected any highly touted Angels prospects to live up to their potentials after the recent streak of flameouts we’ve had to sit through, but as of late it’s been a totally different story. Peter Bourjos’ defense is far better then words can describe and his bat has surpassed what many thought he was capable of coming into the season. Tyler Chatwood came into this team out of nowhere in the wake of Scott Kazmir’s departure as a bridge man, someone to fill the gap until a better option came around, yet he proved to be the better then anyone could have imagined. Mark Trumbo came into this team facing low expectations, here he is 4 months later chasing a potential RoTY award. Who would have thought that this organizations player development would have turned itself around so fast?

Halo Hero

5 RBI’s, a home run, a triple, a double, and a fanbase made proud by this young superstar. All in a day’s work for the future of this franchise.