Game Recap — Reverse Course — Angels 8 Rangers 4


I am a firm believer in reverse psychology. The always insightful @azhalofan, questioned my logic in the preview that this game was a last stand type of situation. His point, which was valid, was that there are still a ton of games to play. Ah, that was the plan all along people. I have tried to bury this team on countless occassions, only to have them rise from the dead and get back into the race. I can’t tell you if they have enough to overtake the Rangers, but it sure has been fun to watch.

Angels 8 Rangers 4 

Game Notes

— Okay Mike, just admit I was right and move on. You should have started Mike Trout on Friday but you didn’t. At least you atoned for your mistake by playing him last night. Trout responded with a home run and is now hitting close to .400 since his return. I think we can all agree he should be starting the rest of the way.
— I am also especially glad to see Howie Kendrick get back into the groove. After a bit of a swoon he has not only started hitting again, but for power as well, with 4 homers in five games.
— Ervin Santana did what I hoped he would. He kept the team in the game and gave a solid performance that didn’t require dipping into the unsure part of the bullpen. his line of 7 IP, 4 H, 4 R was not specatacular and a product of a bit of luck. He lacked his best stuff and was up in the zone, but the Rangers couldn’t capatilize. He showed a ton of maturity out there in getting the win.
— I’m not gonna get too upset about the fact that Jordan Walden almost pissed this one away. I understand that it’s gonna be a wild ride each time he goes out there till he get comfortable as a closer (which won’t be this year). He reminds me so much of Troy Percival it’s scary. Still, it was nice to see Takahashi come in and get the Halos out of the jam and get the win.

Halo Hero

Vernon’s solo shot set the tone for the game and gave the Angels the early momentum. Wells is picking it up at the right time and could very well be the missing piece to the Angel offensive puzzle. Or this could be another short term burst in an otherwise dreadul season. For one night thought, Wells was the man!!