Game Recap 4/11/11 – Angels 0 Indians 4

Tyler Chatwood gets touched up for 4 runs, my hopes that the Angels stumbled upon a magical third ace is dead (for now), Torii continues to be unclutch, and Wells still sucks.

Angels 0 Indians 4 

Game Notables

  • Torii is looking unclutch on levels we’ve never seen before. He struck out in a clutch at bat in the 9th and hit into an even more unclutch no out double play after a leadoff single by Abreu in an earlier inning. Torii Hunter seems to strike out at the worst time imagine, and hit into rally killing double plays left and right. He’s not a cleanup hitter, and quite frankly he isn’t fooling me into thinking otherwise. Drop him down a spot or two once Kendrys comes back and take some strain off his back.
  • Tyler Chatwood was touched up for 4 runs in 5 innings. Far from what I predicted, it is supposed to be a “bananas” prediction after all. He still pitched much better than Kazmir, and even showed some ace potential himself. If given some more AAA seasoning, or more time major league starts if Scioscia calls for it, Chatwood may become a “third ace” of sorts for the Angels. I know that sounds way to far out there this early in the season, it doesn’t stop my heart from hoping so. No more number 5 starter for the Angels. If my dream Chatwood comes to fruition the Angels are looking at a 1-1-2-2-3 rotation of Weaver-Haren-Chatwood-Santana-Pineiro. The delusion isn’t so bad once you get used to it.
  • Vernon Wells is still stinking it up, getting on my last nerve now: We didn’t trade for this, we didn’t deserve to have this gigantic load dropped right on us at this time. Shame on you for going .091 Wells. I’m just about ready to throw up the red flag on you, couldn’t even get a hit today. If Wells doesn’t come out of this series hitting at least .150 than we’re going to have to give Wells the Kazmir Treatment. Make up some fake disease or whatever and put him on the DL. Put him in a minor league game or two until he shapes his game up and starts hitting. Make sure he learns his lesson and stops wasting out valuable time. After that all should be fine and dandy though, that is an absolute worst case scenario panic desperation move.
Halo A-Hole
vernon wells
Its you Vernon Wells, are you surprised? You shouldn’t be, your performance thus far is extremely laughable. You are going to be the Halo A-Hole until you fix your game, you are literally the only thing holding back this offense from truly producing. I don’t care if Scott Kazmir gives up 15 runs in 1 inning, Brandon Wood hits a foul ball that smashes Kendrys face in gives him a season ending face fracture….during his return game, or Rodney blows a 5 run lead in the 9th. YOU Mr.Wells are the official Halo A-Hole until future notice.