Game Recap 4/18/11: Where Was Our Invitation? – Angels 1, Rangers 7

I knew there was going to be a slugfest today, but for some reason the Angels didn’t show up. Santana’s stuff definitely didn’t make an appearance at the party, neither was lady situational hitting. I blame this on Mathis.

Angels 1, Rangers 7 

 How could one teams offense be so on, yet be so off? Almost everyone was hitting, they just weren’t clicking and stringing some hits today. What was especially painful to watch was Ervin Santana, no control, no location, he was just off today. Bad outings happen, so I’m not gonna hold this one against him too hard, it’s just slightly frustrating that he decided he wanted to implode during such an important series.

 Game Notables: 

  • Torii Hunter went 1-4 today- He still doesn’t look comfortable at the plate, hacking at bad pitches and showing loose command of the strike zone. Hunter is looking very lost at the plate, and it’s pretty disheartening to watch. He still reminds me of Torii Hunter from the end of last season, why does it seem like he’s STILL trying to carry the team. That’s not just me right? Either way I can only hope that he breaks out of this funk before the end of this series. 
  • 4 Angels had multi-hit games today – Izzy, Howie, Petey, and Wells. It seems like they just couldn’t click together to pull each other in  It was great to Howie keep up the heat, and definitely better to see Wells heating up. I’m almost able to rest at peace with Bourjos’ offense, he’s starting to make solid contact on a consistent basis and keep up his average. It would be nice to see him work on pulling more free passes, though I won’t rush greatness.
  • Santana gave up 6 runs in 4 IP off 10 hits –  Almost as bad as Kazmir and his outing against Kansas City, and not very encouraging to see. Santana does have his occasional wild outing, it would be nice to see him erase those starts as time goes on. This shouldn’t be a red flag however, as Santana did have a few of these starts last season, and we all saw what a gem of a season he had. I’d give it 3 strong starts from Santana before his next implosion comes up on his calendar.
Halo A-Hole

How can you go and follow yet another pair of masterful starts from Weaver/Haren with this? Why didn’t you bring your A game today? I know that it’s easy for a spectator to day that, but a professional needs to do better than what Santana did today. Can’t make it to the postseason with you throwing like this can we? Get your head on straight before your next start, I heard the bus to Salt Lake is making it’s set of rounds pretty soon.