Game Recap 4/20/11: *Expletive Removed* YEAH!!!! – Angels 4 Rangers 1

So many things to get excited about this game, Vernon Wells finally hit a home run as an Angel, Peter Bourjos made a stunning catch, Kendrick hit ANOTHER homer, and Weaver threw a CG victory. We can all mark down this as the day that I, Ryan Falla, on April 20th 2011, correctly predicted Jered Weavers complete game victory. I’m going to bask in this glory forever. This has to do wonders for my reputation, ESPN here I come!!!

Angels 4 Rangers 1 

The Angels put the Rangers in their place very early in the season, showing them….well showing them who’s “daddy”. The Angels stomped all over the Rangers this series, perfect time to do so as the rejuvenated Red Sox roll into town. With Wells finally getting back on track this road series and hitting his first home run he can finally come home to a strong reception from the fans. That is going to do wonders for his still-growing confidence with the team. On the note of confidence, Peter Bourjos looks like he’s developing some gusto in the box and effectively lifting his BA to a lofty .293, must much better than even the most optimistic optimist expected out of him this early in the season. 

Game Notes

  • Jered Weaver gave up one run in a complete game effort today, which only presses the fact that Weavers current hot streak may not be such a hot streak after all. Weaver already has 5 wins in the season and boasts an ERA so the Hubble couldn’t pick it up. I’m a little shocked that I was able to predict this, which means that if it was predictable it just wasn’t bananas enough! It is called “The Monkey’s Bananas Prediction of the Game”, which means I need to amp up the insanity for tomorrow!
  • Wells hit his first homer as an Angel, effectively putting his cold streak in the rear view mirror, or more likely onto Hunter. One can only hope that instead of back-and-forth’ing some fire between the two, they’ll both be able to get hot for this upcoming home series. The Angels are giong to need to muster up all the power they can from their lineup against a powerhouse Red Sox lineup.
  • Howie Kendrick hit his 6th HR, putting him at 1st (tied with Teixeria) in the AL HR category. At this point you have to put the thought of this being an early season fluke behind you, Kendrick is coming together. He’s making more then solid contact, he finally has a strong sense of the strike zone and picking his pitches with extreme precision. He’s already collected 1/4th of the walks he collected last year, and he’s on a quick path to topping his career high home run total. With Kendrick coming together, one has to wonder if the Angels are finally clicking or if I’m just a delusional fan creating his own illusion. It’s not just me, right guys? Seriously…right??? 
Halo Hero


A part of me seriously debated giving myself today’s Halo Hero award, but then I realized I contributed nothing to this Halo victory (that’s not the truth, I just couldn’t figure out how to photo shop my face on Weavers body). Anyway, here’s ANOTHER one to you Weaver, boy am I sure not sick of handing these babies out to you! You’re the franchise now buddy, keep it up.