Game Recap 4/21/11 Angels 2 Red Sox 4

The Angels now have to rebound from a disappointing extra innings affair after throwing away a big hit by Hunter and a strong start by Chatwood.

Angels 2 Red Sox 4 

Why, oh why are the Angels never able to beat Josh Beckett at home? The Angels wasted so many opportunities to drive the go-ahead run, remind me how many times Izzy was left in scoring position by Abreu and Hunter? It’s funny how the veterans on the team are all slumping hard while the kid’s are doing their best to keep the offense afloat. Kudos to Chatwood for battling through 6 hard innings against the Sox and only giving up 2 runs. Everyone says Chatwood isn’t major league ready, but the kid sure is making a case to prove everyone else wrong. 

Game Notes

  • Hunter finally got that big hit we’ve all been waiting for, a game tying two-run shot in the 7th. It almost makes up for all those times Torii Hunter struck out with RISP. Still, it’s good to see him set the groundwork for the rest of the series on such a strong note, we just have to hope he can improves on it very fast.
  • Tyler Chatwood threw 6 innings of two run ball, matching Beckett in the run column the whole game. Chatwood may be the number 5 we’ve all been waiting for, he’s looking even more reliable every start he throws. What impresses me the most is how he was able to keep the ball in the park against such a powerful lineup, not an easy task for a rookie. It’s a no doubter that Chatwood is keeping his season with the Angels alive, it’s just a matter a when Kazmir comes back and steals his spot in the rotation.
  • Rich Thompson struck out 3 in the 10th, then proceeded to unravel in the 11th inning. As much as I understand Scioscias decision to leave him in the game, he was predicting another long extra inning game, I never felt it was a good idea. If Thompson wants a permanent spot in the ‘pen he’s going to have to avoid another outing similar to last nights. 
Halo A-Hole

rich thompson

I want you to succeed as an Angel Rich, I really do, but you’re going to have to keep outings like last night out of sight. The first inning you pitched was phenomenal, and that’s what makes it so hard to tag you as the Halo A-Hole. You can’t expect to give up the go-ahead run’s and stay away from MWaH’s wrath, you did this to yourself. I (along with many other Angel fans) hope to never have to see you here ever again.