Game Recap 4/25/11 – Angels 5 Athletics 0

Weaver once again shows himself up with a complete game shutout, proving me wrong. In other words: nothing new to see here,  just move along.

Angels 5 Athletics 0    

 Being so wrong has never been sweeter then this, can we officially stop calling it a hot streak now? We all knew that Weaver was destined for greatness, but did we really expect him to get this good so fast? On top of his strong performance, Jered Weaver made Angels history by being the first Angels pitcher to win his 6th game by the teams 23rd start. Hopefully Weaver can achieve his dream of breaking multiple Angel records and living out the rest of his career in Anaheim.

Game Notes

  • Torii Hunter’s average dropped below .200 with his 0-2 performance. I’m starting to get a little worried about this, it seems as if he’s finally broken after pressing so hard for so long. This is just a theory at this point, but something could possibly come into light in the near future to change that. If Hunter doesn’t shape up near the end of the series I won’t hesitate to throw out a red flag and advise mass panic amongst Angel fans. You’ve been warned. 
  • Howie Kendrick went 2-4 with 2 RBIs. Whatever mechanical issues he needed to work out seem to worked out fine. We’re going to have to see more then one game before we can rest out minds, although today’s game is something to be excited about. Then again, the Angels offense doesn’t have much to get excited about, so that’s not really saying much. 
  • Weaver made history with his CG shutout against Oakland. Aside from being the first Angel to go 6-0 before May, he’s the fourth pitcher in baseball to do so. I know we all expected Weaver to do great this season, did we really expect him to do this great? None of us can honestly say they saw this coming, though we can all agree we want it to stay. Hopefully this is just the first step in Weavers dream of breaking a multitude of Angel records.
Halo Hero


Stop it Weaver, you keep winning these awards day in and day out. You’re making the rest of the team feel left out of the award process. Wait, did you just say you’re carrying the team on your back? Never mind me then, keep doing what you’re doing.

*Note – Jered Weaver leads the AL in ERA, Wins, and K’s; putting him at the top for the Triple Crown. From here on out I’m referring to him as King Weaver during his quest for his Triple Crown.*