Game Recap 5/16/11: Is Anyone Surprised? – Angels 4 Athletics 5

At this point the Angels aren’t just losing close games, they are throwing them away. This is the second time Walden has blown an easy save and pushed the game to extra innings. We all new there was an extra inning game or two in store for us this week, there always is. I hate that.

Angels 4 Athletics 5

So the Angels served this game up on a silver platter for the Athletics, which is extremely frustrating to say the least. For once I would like to see this bullpen not blow a game. This is last year all over again, we we’re promised that’s exactly where those experience would stay. Now we’re faced to shit through game after game after game of watching easy games slip through the fingers of the bullpen. I don’t want me blood pressure to get any higher, so let’s just get this over with.

Game Notes


  •  Who’s the man? Howie is the man. Sure he struck out twice, but he also got the game tying and go ahead RBI’s. It must have been real painful for him to sit in the dugout and have to watch his heard work erased. This is aside from the point, but I feel like if we had a real left fielder in the game in the 9th Crisp would have been retired. Could Wells have made that catch? I think he might have. What about Willits? That ball would have found a comfortable home in his glove. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming the loss on him, I just feel like it could have been avoided had a left fielder been in left field and not a second basemen.
  • Hey Walden, you know what you’re supposed to do with the bases empty, 2 outs and 2 strikes on the batter? You close the game, you don’t serve up a meatball and then allow the runner to work the bases on you. I know you probably just wanted to end the game, but you should have paid more attention to Crisp. Also, where the heck was the pitchout? I found myself screaming bloody murder in my head for a pitchout, yet Scioscia allowed Crisp to steal 2nd. Scioscia is a great manager, but that’s just a routine move to make in a situation like that. I guess this loss really was a team effort and not just a screw up on Walden’s part. Just kidding, it is all your fault Walden.
  • Who serves up the walk-off in the 10th? Fernando Rodney of all people. Does this mean that Scioscia will FINALLY leave him out of tight games? He had it for a while and now it’s gone, and most importantly it is starting to rub off on Walden. What frustrated me the most is this bullpen sees the offense work their tails off to make a comeback put themselves in a strong position for the win. I really hope that our starters take note of this and go complete game for the rest of the season so these arsonists don’t get a chance to torch their hard work. Scioscia needs to stop being so stubborn and start acting like a quality manager. 
  • Downs pitched in the 8th, meaning Sosh is starting to lose it with Rodney. At this point I would rather have Downs closing out games until Walden gets his game together and proves he can be consistently effective once again.

Halo A-Hole


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