Game Recap 5/18/11 – Angels 0 Mariners 3

The Angels are in a major funk right now, and it’s gonna take some special ju-ju to get them back on the right path. 

Angels 0 Mariners 3 

Game Notes

  • Where is the Jered Weaver we were just getting used to last month? Is he gone? No, I seriously doubt that. From what I can tell it looks like he completely gassed himself in the first month. He’s struggling to get back to the approach that made him so successful just a few weeks back. Even though Weaver is struggling he still manages to put the team in position to win the game. Too bad this lazy offense doesn’t want to back his outings with any real offensive effort. It’s gonna take a few more starts until he gets back to prime form, giving the offense more then enough time to shape up before his next game. 
  • Is your team struggling? Is a certain player in a rut? Just call the Angels and they’ll get ’em back on track in no time! Brandon League has been…we’ll he’s been outright terrible as the Mariners closer. He’s blown his past 3 outings, so it only makes sense that he would have a relatively clean outing against the Angels. 
  • Conger K’ed in the 8th with the bases loaded, providing me with strong evidence that the offense is waiting for runs to fall into their lap. It looked like Conger was looking for the RBI walk instead of trying to put the ball in play. The hitters are losing confidence in their bats, mostly because no matter what they do they can’t bring the team a win. I blame the bullpen on this 100%, after they threw away game after game the offense is taking a major blow to their confidence. What this team needs is for some magic to find it’s way into there bats. A lucky big hit or two would be enough to boost the teams morale, it just depends on whether or not the bullpen decides to allow the offense their glory.

Halo A-Hole

You didn’t have the worst outing today, but you didn’t do what your team needed you to do. Right out of the gate you put the offense under pressure to perform and that is the last thing they need. Hmmm…putting pressure on people(s) when that is the last thing they need, sounds a lot like an a-hole to me doesn’t it?