Game Recap 5/24/11: Frustratingly Predictable – Athletics 6, Angels 1

I’d be more upset about tonight’s Angel loss if it wasn’t just so damned predictable.  Everything that we all joked about happening before the game in tongue-in-cheek manner ended up not being such a joke after all once everything was said and done.  It is all just so very frustrating.

Athletics 6, Angels 1

When we saw that the A’s were giving Guillermo Moscoso his first career start tonight, who amongst didn’t make some sort of comment about how the Halos always seem to make these anonymous rookies look like Cy Young winners?  Surely that is just some sort of fluke based on anecdotal evidence, right?

Yeah, not so much.  Sure enough, Moscoso carved up the Angels over six innings of work, allowing just three hits and zero runs and surprising exactly zero Angel fans who had been hoping that their witty quips would prove unfounded.

And wouldn’t it be so funny too if Dan Haren once again failed to get run support since the Angels never ever give him run support?

Not so funny now, eh?  The fact that Haren had his worst start of the season, allowing five runs over six innings really ended up not mattering at all since the Angels only managed to plate 1 run.  Again, I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

Game Notes:

  • DeJesus Christ!  Why is this guy killing us?  He has been Oakland’s version of Vernon Wells, yet he somehow goes crazy for two homers and four RBIs.  I guess not everything in this game was predictable.
  • Enough of Alexi Amarista already.  I’m sure the kid has a bright future and I love making fun of him for being too short to ride most roller coasters, but he’s not ready to be in the majors.  Even if the Howie Kendrick comes back in the next few days, the Angels need someone off the bench that can contribute something to the offense and Amarista clearly isn’t that guy.  I’m even at the point where I’d rather see the Halos move Abreu out to left and dig up someone from the minors (Jeff Baisley?) or free agency (Hank Blalock?) or trade (Jason Kubel?)
  • I’d complain about Mark Trumbo striking out at an alarming rate, but really, what other options do the Angels have?
  • The Angels didn’t really think they were going win on a night in which they were giving away Kendrys Morales bobbleheads, did they?  I know these marketing giveaways are planned months in advance, but this promotion was the equivalent of Harold Camping’s followers still throwing him a congrats part for predicting the Rapture even though it never happened.

Halo A-Hole

Dan Haren

Haren really wasn’t all that bad, but he still gave up five runs early on in the game which has been a recipe for disaster for the Angel offense that seems to just implode whenever they fall behind before the third inning.

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