Game Recap 5/26/11: Lookin Like A Fool With Your Pants on the Ground Athletics 4 Angels 3

Now I’m gonna be late to class and the Angels don’t even have a win to show for it. Thanks a lot Brett Anderson.

Angels 3 Athletics 4

Game Notes

  • This originally started off with me hating on Trumbo for being so unclutch early in the game, but I felt it deserved a little changing up after that clutch 3 run jack in the 9th. There was still a lot more he could have done for this team earlier in the game in order to avoid needed a huge 9th. We almost got it, except for goshdarn Branyan and his unspectacular Angels debut.
  • Brett Anderson was on today, leaving RISP with less than 2 out multiple times throughout the game. The Angels only managed a handful of worthless hits off of him, leading to nothing but an embarrassment of a game. Hey, at least we got Branyan, that should make this offense a little less unbearable to watch. He’ll fit in perfectly with his high K low BA/OBP tendencies.
  • Every single player on the A’s hit squad came out with a hit off Pineiro. Pineiro gave up a grand total of 11 hits today, which is an astounding number to look at. Even though the A’s were teeing off of Pineiro he still managed to keep the game somewhat manageable for the Angels offense to pick up. I blame this loss on Pineiro for allowing the A’s to score first, we all know how bad the Angels struggle when they’re down early in the game. That doesn’t make him the Halo A-Hole for today though, it was mostly the offense being a collective A-Hole and not backing him up with at least 1 run even though they had their fair share of opportunities.
  • Brain Fuentes wasn’t in the game today, which is extremely disappointing because had he shown up he would have handed the game to us.
  • If I had the time to give out a runner up Halo A-Hole award it would go to Bobert and Hunter for back to back strikeouts after Aybar led off the 9th with a single. I don’t even want to call Bobert by his real name after that offensive showing today, the K in the 9th was just the icing on the cake for me.

Kinda Live Play By Play

I’m still watching as I’m typing this up, so it’s kinda live in a technicality don’t-ask-too-many-questions sense.

  • Uh-oh, Trumbo coming up to the plate with two runners in scoring position and 2 outs?? I know who’s gonna strike out!
  • WWWHHHHHAAAATTTT?!?!?! HOMERUN!??!?!?!?!?! And now Branyan is coming up to the plate! I’m smelling back to back ja-
  • Wait….Balfour is a righty…..

I’m at a loss as to who I should make the Halo A-Hole for today, it was supposed to be Trumbo until he hit that 9th inning jack. The thing that makes it so hard is that fact that every player who sucked today sucked equally as hard. Branyan popped into my head, but I can’t blame the guy for trying to tie it up on a tasty fastball, that’s why he was put in the game in the first place. Oh, I know who to put!

Halo A-Hole


Is it unhealthy that I direct all my rage towards Jeff Mathis, even if it’s undeserved?

Trick question! All rage directed towards Mathis is deserved. Stop taking up a roster space that could go to a player that doesn’t suck. Stop being the worst hitter in all of baseball.