Game Recap 5/27/11 — Better late than never — Angels 6 Twins 5

     All those who thought the Angels were going to sleepwalk through another shutout loss raise your hand? Yeah, me too. Things looked mighty bleak until the magical 8th inning when all of a sudden the Halos exploded for a five spot to tie it and then one more in the 9th to eek out a win. Twins fans must be kicking themselves. I wonder what it must be like to have starter sparkle only to have a shaky bullpen blow it late…oh, wait, yeah I know exactly what that feels like

Angels 6 Twins 5

     Thank goodness the Angels won this one. These are the teams we are supposed to beat. The Twins are way bellow .500 and should be fodder for a strong road trip beginning. But they were flummoxed for 7 innings by Scott Baker before Gardenhire turned to his bullpen. A couple of hits and an Erick Aybar three run bomb later, the Angels were rolling. I listened to the bulk of the game on the radio on the way home from work and for most of it I couldn’t decide what was making me more agitated, the Angel play or the traffic on the 210 freeway. But as if on cue, the road parted at the top of the inning and the Angels hit their stride just as I eased my way home. And no, I don’t think it was a coincidence.

Game Notes

— How ’bout Speedy Petey Bourjos? The catch to rob Jim Thome was spectacular. Really, I have no words for how good he is defensively. He does need to take more command, especially when it comes to overruling Torii Hunter (that juggling act they did was only funny because they caught the ball). But then to get the rally going with an infield hit and the huge triple to set up the winning run just shows that he might be a major leaguer in the field and at the plate.
— Tyler Chatwood is starting to show his rookie-ness. A second straight shaky start is surely going to test Mike Scioscia’s faith in the kid. From the sound of the game, the Twins were hitting the ball ridiculously hard off him and he couldn’t make it through six. Chatwood needs to go back to the videotape and find what he lost in a hurry.
— I would like to thank Russell Branyan, Mark Trumbo and Hank Conger for once again making me look silly in my predictions. I touted the bottom half of the lineup and then they go a collective 0-11 with a sac fly to show for their effort. Thanks guys, really appreciate the support.
— If Erick Aybar doesn’t make the All-Star game and Derek “Freakin” Jeter does I will go insane. Aybar has been lights out in the field and one of the most consistent Angels at the plate. But I’m sure Jetes or some Red Sox scrub will get the nod for the All Star game. Because those are two teams that need some additional publicity for their players.

Halo Hero


Way to Go Pete!!! I think i’ve watched that catch ten times tonight and may just stay up to catch a late SportsCenter to see it one more time. Now go tell Torii to back off, this is your outfield now!!