Game Recap 5/4/11: *Insert Frustration Here* – Angels 5 Red Sox 3

I have no words for this team. Except these.

Angels 5 Red Sox 3 

The curse of Beantown rears it’s ugly head yet again, and despite putting themselves in a strong position to win in the 9th the Halos still refused to grab the victory that was dangling right in front of them. They had to go and make it hard on themselves yet again, all because the Walden felt that it would be appropriate for tonight to be his first implosion of the season. I know players have bad games, but did Walden’s really have to come now? Why do the Angels stink so much against Boston?! I’m going to make this recap as short as sweet as possible because I’m starting to get really sick of the stuff Angels are pulling against the Sox. 

Game Notes

  • Vernon Wells hit another home run, which makes that back to back games for him. I don’t want to jinx anything, but it seems like he is finally starting to get his head on straight. Wells is finally performing like one would expect a savvy vet such as himself to perform. He’s delivering in huge situations and carrying his team through games. Though I don’t know if it speaks against this team that Wells is pulling the offense through this Boston series, or it speaks positive of Wells. I’m just going to go ahead and say it’s a little bit of both.
  • Could Boston fans be any more obnoxious? The Angels obviously cannot handle the pressure the fans put on them, and that fact does nothing more than royally piss me off. I give up on this team, I really do. Well, no I really don’t give up on the Angels, I’d would just rather not invest any more hope into this team until Friday when Boston is placed firmly in the Angels rear view mirrors. I hope every Angels player breaks under the fatigue tomorrow and get their asses handed to them on a silver platter. They deserve it because they brought it upon themselves letting this game get away from them, and I really don’t know any better way for this team to learn their lesson. I don’t even know if they’ll learn their lesson, it’ll just fly high over their heads.
  • Conger really pulled through for his team today even when they didn’t want to pull through for themselves. He had a big 3 hit game today before being taken out in the 11th in favor of a pinch runner. There were very VERY few positives in this game, Conger was one of them. 
  • The Angels managed to avoid a walk-off on Youkilis’ double off the top of the monster. I was almost disappointed that Scutaro was tagged out at home, I just want to get some sleep. I’m pretty sure all this misplaced anger towards the Angels is going to keep me up all night anyway. 
  • I like how Victor and Mark rocked the Angels wrestling mask while broadcasting in the later innings. They want to keep everything light-hearted and fun even though they know the fans that have stuck around are feeling pretty crappy about their team. You know your team is in a bad place when the shenanigans of the announcers make it as a Game Notable.
  • I’m still watching the game as I type out this recap, I’m pretty much treating this as my own personal thoughtpad for tonight. Did anyone else hear the obscenities that one BoSox fan was hurling in the direction of Abreu? How awesome was it that Abreu hit that bases loaded 2 RBI single again Dice-K with that guy verbally abusing him. What a coinky-dink that his voice was not to be heard after that.
  • I’m a little surprised to see Bell still in the game, but then again it makes perfect sense as the Angels don’t want to use up their whole bullpen for tomorrows game. If anyone is going to be tonight’s Hero, it’s going to be Trevor Bell. Or it could be Vic and Gubi, they were the only factor that kept me around the entire game. Oh wait, no one on this team deserves praise after this horrific performance. Easily the ugliest win of the season.

Halo A-Hole(s)

This whole team, they all deserve the title of Halo A-Hole. This is a team game, and when your team is scuffling this hard against another team you can’t put the blame on any single player. No one on this team is playing like a winner right now and it has become fairly obvious. We’re all sick of your “oh woe is me” B.S you’ve been pulling this whole entire series. You’ve had so many opportunities to come away with the easy victory in every single game this series and you continuously spoil it in the most frustrating way possible. You made this hard on yourself, no one but you. I don’t care if the Angels won, it’s not like they deserved this win anyway. I need to sleep off some of this negativity, I’ll see you guys tomorrow afternoon for another frustrating installment of Angels baseball.