Game Recap 6/1/11: Welcome Back! – Angels 0 Royals 2

Back at the .500 club so soon? But you just left! Did you miss the sweet aroma of mediocrity? I bet you sure did! Why don’t you go bring some of your buddies like Texas back with you? If it’s good enough for you it might as well be good enough for them

Angels 0 Royals 2 

There it was, all set up for them, and all they had to do was cash in on what was given to them. Not even the gods atop Mt.Olympus could have put the Angels in a better position for a series win. Yet the Angels did what they are best at and threw away perfectly good opportunities in order to bring home bag full of angst and disappointment.

Game Notes

  • Chatwood threw yet another gem today, 7.2 innings of no run ball. It’s really a shame that his offense did everything it could to prevent him from leaving with a W, because he really deserved the win today. Chatwood’s inconsistencies are starting to iron themselves out, he’s walking less batters and keeping his groundball rate high and runners from creating havoc on the basepaths. It seems like the offense is only able to perform when Chatwood is struggling, when he is on the hitters couldn’t buy a hit (which they couldn’t today).
  • As soon as the Angels loaded the bases with no outs in the third I knew they wouldn’t be able to cash in. As soon as Bobby Abreu struck out and Hunter hit into the DP I knew it was game over. Kansas City is a house of horrors for the Angels, it may not be as bad as Boston, but it’s up there. I’m not gonna go on and on about the offensive inconsistencies and frustrating unclutchness of this team, we’ve been going on and on about that for the past month. Instead we should look at the bright sides of this offense! For instance, Aybar and Izzy are in the top 5 in their respective categories for the All-Star ballot. What are you doing reading this recap? Go vote and get em in the ASG!
  • You’re still here? Well in that case I’m sure you’d be interested to read that Branyan had yet another game without a hit. What’s the over under on when he finally gets an XBH as an Angel? My money is on this coming homestand, if he doesn’t put up by the end of the Yankee series I have a hunch he won’t be getting very many other chances to prove he could do otherwise. 

Halo A-Hole

You single-handedly all the momentum the team had built up with one swing of the bat, and they obviously never recovered. I’m tried of whining about this teams offensive inadequacies, I just hope they get it together for the homestand. One team I cannot stand to see beat the Angels is the Yankees. Please don’t disappoint.