Game Recap 6/11/11 — Thank Goodness That’s Over — Angels 7 Royals 5

A Win!! A Win!! The Angels got all the breaks a finally got a win. The old saying is that it’s better to be lucky than good and tonight that saying was very appropriate. The Royals gave LA every chance to win and the Angels finally hit enough to put one in the win column. The Royals committed two errors, threw to wild pitches leading to the eventual winning run, and had a runner thrown out at home byu about 30 feet. If that’s what its going to take to get wins then so be it. I can’t stop typing win. It just looks so glorious. Win, Win, Win…

Angels 7 Royals 5

Game Notes

— Joel Pineiro needs a hug. His team spots him a four run lead (the first time the Angels have scored more than 3 runs in almost a month) and he can’t keep it together to get his 100th win. His sinker was up and you got the sense Scioscia was leaving him in to get the win despite knowing Joel didn’t have his stuff tonight.
— Give it up to the bullpen tonight. Jepsen was decent, Downs was great and Walden was good enough. Walden is starting to remind me more and more of a young Troy Percival. He tends to get himself into trouble, then remembers he has a ridiculous fastball and punps the gas to get the save. Walden is now 14 out of 17 in save chances with a below 3 ERA.
— Even though Torii Hunter isn’t hitting, his defense has been awesome. He has 8 outfield assists and his throw to cut down the runner at home was outstanding.
— I said earlier the Angels needed to start running and 4 steals tonight means Mike must read us on a regular basis. Heck, even Russell Branyan had a steal.
— Who do you think was happier about the double play to end the bottom of the third, the boys in the booth who were running out of questions or Taio Cruz who obviously had no clue what was happening on the field?

Halo Hero

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I could have gone with Howie Kendrick who was 3-4 with a couple RBI’s but when Vernon Wells goes 3-4 with 3 runs I feel like the occasion should be marked somehow. This was Vernon’s first 3 hit game as an Angel and he is 4 for his last 7. Not to get ahead of myself, but maybe old Vernon is finally starting to figure it out. Way to Go Vernon!!!