Game Recap 6/13/11: Called It – Angels 6 Mariners 3s

Alright guys, let’s try out best not to freak out here, but I just made another crazy yet successful prediction. If this is my way of doing my part to save the Angels season I’m going to need to learn a little discipline so I don’t get all power-hungry and abuse my powers. That being said, this game was huge for Wells, giving us Angel fans a flash of what we’ve all been hoping for all season long. My heart says that this the start of a change in Wells, but my brain says it’s just a flash of what could be. If this is Wells’ way of pulling the team back to the top, I like it.

 Angels 6 Mariners 3

Everything seemingly found way to come together for the Angels and lead them to an easy win. The bullpen shut it down, Haren had a decent outing, and Walden had himself yet another dominant outing. It’s nice to see the Angels pitching find a level of consistency after many recent struggles that the offense has not been able to find all season.

Game Notes

  • While the rest of the offense had relatively pedestrian games Abreu, Wells, and Kendrick came away with 2 hits each and at least 1 RBI, while Wells came away with 3. It’s very encouraging seeing Wells and Kendrick put up strong performances after coming off of the DL not too long ago. Most importantly Wells FINALLY displayed that power we’ve been seeing on and off again all season, lets just hope that he doesn’t go back to his free-swinging high strikeout ways he was so comfortable with early in the season.
  • Dan Haren didn’t have his best stuff tonight, giving up 3 runs on 7 hits, but he wasn’t too bad either, K’ing 7 while walking none. He was still able to compete with Vargas thanks to a rare offensive showing (aka Vernon Wells’ fat bat). Vargas, on the other hand, was not very effective on the mound. Although his K/BB ratio wasn’t too bad (6K/2BB), his vulnerability to the long ball shined bright off the bright gleam of hope emanating from Vernon Wells. Vargas has been on a hot streak, so it is quite a surprise to see the Angels able to tag him for so many runs. This is a great sign in regards to the immediate future of this ball club. 
  • Torii Hunter failed to get a hit yet again, yet his game wasn’t so bad itself. He had only 1 walk yet was able to come around to score twice and even drive in another run, just for the heck of it. You know what’s the best part? He didn’t even strike out once today! That’s a great sign seeing as how Torii’s season so far has consisted of strikeouts galore.

Halo Hero

vernon smells 

One correct prediction makes me a good guesser…..two correct predictions make me a god. Thank you for proving my powers to be true Vernon Wells, I shall now use them to destroy the other teams in our wake! The Mariners are still standing? Not after this series they won’t be.