Game Recap 6/16/11: Base Meets Ball, Halos Lose – Mariners 3, Angels 1

Next time the Angels play the Mariners, I’d like to request that Carlos Peguero have the rabbit’s foot up his butt be surgically removed first.

Mariners 3, Angels 1

Last time the Halos came to Seattle, Peguero won the game on a walk-off flyball that Torii Hunter lost in the sun.  Now tonight, Peguero broke the scoreless tie and drove in the eventual game-winning runs thanks to a routing grounder that hit second base and caromed safely into the outfield.

Losses don’t get much more deflating than that.

And that’s the real problem, isn’t it?  Every time the Angels make some progress, something crazy like that happens.  I just hope the Angel players don’t let this demoralize them.

Game Notes

  • Could someone please inform Brendan Ryan that nobody EVER intentionally throws at a .253 hitter with no homers and a stupid handlebar mustache?  Seriously, what kind of prick is he to come up barking at Bobby Wilson because Santana errantly buzzed his tower?  And then that little twerp got into his outfielder’s ear after the two nearly collided on a pop-up the next inning.  Baseball 101, Brendan, that ball is the outfielder’s not yours.
  • Watching two games of this series via the Seattle Mariner broadcast has finally shown me what it would be like to watch a game if I had overdosed on Valium.  Seriously folks, don’t go taking Rojas and Gubi for granted.
  • Not a lot of offense tonight and while the lack of offensive talent played a role, there was really a lot of excellent defensive plays to keep this game scoreless for as long as it was.  At least it kept the game a little interesting which is something that Angel fans haven’t gotten to say a whole lot lately.
  • It may not look all that impressive in the boxscore, but Ervin Santana was very sharp tonight.  He got three walks hung on him, but two of those were intentional.  He also managed to fan seven batters and was showing some extra zip on his fastball, even touching 96 MPH on his heater in his last inning of work.

Halo Hero/A-Hole

second base

Stupid base!  Get the hell out of the way!!!  Why do you have to be some darn inanimate?

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