Game Recap 6/18/11 — The Wheels are off the bus — Angels 1 Mets 6

I hate that my predictions never seem to come true. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t put a heck of a lot of thought into these things, but one right occasionally would be nice. I guess if I really wanted to be Nostradamus I would have predicted that Mike Pelfrey would look like Cy Young against the Angel hitters. But you could pretty much say that about any pitcher toeing the slab against the Halos these days…

Angels 1 Mets 6 

Game Notes

— I think we can stick a fork in Russell Branyan. The dude is done. He cannot play the field effectively (as evidenced by his error in the fourth that cost them a run). I could like with that if he were hitting for power, or hell hitting at all. I think it is clear that his best days are behind him and Mike Trumbo should get the day to day call for the rest of the season. 
— The Angel run defense was awful tonight. The Mets broke out a track meet between first and second on their way to four stolen bases which led to a couple of runs. Haren and Conger had no shot against the Mets on the basepaths. 
— You might recall before the Wells trade there was some talk about trading for Carlos Beltran. How does that non-deal look now. Is there anyone out there who wouldn’t swap those two in a heartbeat?
— We have celebrated Erick Aybar all season for his play but tonight he put up a stinker. He has quietly been slumping at the plate and made at least two fielding mistakes. It’s only fair Erick if we praise you when you do well, we have to bury you when you crap out.
— One more Trumbo thought. How monstrous was that homer? Opposite field and over 420 feet? Yeah, he clearly should share duties with an aging vet cut by his former team this season.

Halo A Hole

Rare off night for Dan Haren as Angels lose to Mets, 6-1

Haren has been sharp all season, but not tonight. The wheels came off the Danny Boy express in his worst start of the year. I get the strike zone was a bit off but Haren usually compensates for these things and battles when he doesn’t have his best stuff. Tonight he looked mortal. This is not something the Angels can afford if they entertain thoughts of competing. Shake it off Dan, we need better from you.