Game Recap 6/20/11: This Is Why I Love Interleague – Angels 2 Marlins 1

The weaker the better as I like to say, and it doesn’t get any better then the Florida Marlins. Weaver managed to wrestle away a W from a very talented Anibal Sanchez, pushing his win total to 9, all thanks to the very effective Izturis-Aybar combo. All in all, at least for this into, tonight was a very good step towards coming out of Florida with a 4 game winning streak.

 Angels 2 Marlins 1

Game Notes

  • The bullpen threw up yet another solid effort, just as I had expected. They were handed a tough task tonight once Weaver handed the ball over to the bullpen with a 1-1 tie. Both Scott Downs and Jordan Walden struck out 3 hitters combined while allowing no hits in order to bump the Angels up 1 in the win column. This is the same bullpen that would be throwing away 1 run leads left and right just a month ago, it’s a surprise to see them turn it around so fast. The Angels stumbled upon some bullpen magic right after they sent Rodney to the DL, uncoincidentally of course. Now if there was only a way the Angels could permantley get him off the roster the bullpen could do some real improvement quick.
  • Izturis and Aybar were in possesion of the best bats on the team tonight, with Hunter coming in a close second. Each collected at least one hit a piece, with Aybar coming away with 2 and Izturis with 3. Both middle infielders scored a run each, both being driven in by Torii Hunter. It’s feels so good in my soul to see Torii Hunter coming away with big hits as of late, early season Hunter would have flailed away like a caveman and struck out. He’s still striking out a lot though, except now he’s evening out those K’s with RBI’s. Hunter is following in the footsteps of teammate Vernon Wells with his recent improvement’s in his game, while Wells is continuing his journey back to All-Star form. 
  • Oh Weaver, what else is left to say about you? Now that you’ve finally gotten it back together after a terrible May I’m starting to lose Angels to be frustrated with. Sure I could hate on Mathis, but that’s to mainstream for me. My grasp on Vernon Wells is slowly loosening its hold as he’s recently starting getting his act together. I don’t know if it’s the high from interleague baseball, but I’m starting to like how this team has been playing recently. What isn’t there to like? Seeing Weaver’s ERA dropping to 2.01 put’s me in a happy place regarding this team, and if that doesn’t convince you then I’m sure his 7 IP 5 H 1 ER 1 BB 6 K line from today will.

Halo Hero

It’s victories like this that get teams fired up and on a roll. The Anges have been in distress for a better part of the season, and Weaver, like a true hero, has come along to save them.