Game Recap 6/22/11: I’ve Got a Trumbo-ner – Angels 6, Mets 5

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m sporting a raging Trumboner right now.  Not only did Mark Trumbo save the Angels’ butt twice, but hey did it without utilizing the longball, a real step forward for the Angels’ young slugger.

Angels 6, Marlins 5

Maybe I am giving Trumbo a little too much credit for winning the game on what was essentially a bad hop grounder, but I’m just so damn glad to see a guy in this lineup that doesn’t shrink in clutch situations.  He didn’t put too much pressure on himself and chase bad pitches or overswing trying to be a hero with a homer.  He took what the pitcher gave him and put the ball in play.

With his high whiff rate and low walk rate, Trumbo still has plenty of maturing left to do, but tonight he showed he can learn and can adjust and the Angels reaped the rewards.

Game Notes

  • Scioscia will no doubt be second-guessed for bringing in Walden in the eighth, only to give up the tying run on his first pitch, but I think he definitely (and surprisingly) made the right move.  Downs looked to be a bit off his game and Sosh wanted the win, so he went for it.  It didn’t work out, but at least the Halos weren’t going to go down with there best reliever never even entering the game.  If I have one complaint about the move, it is that he didn’t make the move an inning earlier and have Walden come in in the seventh instead seldom-used Trevor Bell who was obviously overmatched.  Frankly, I’m just glad to see Scioscia thinking outside the box a little bit.
  • While I applaud Scioscia for thinking outside the box, it needs to be pointed out that he wouldn’t have had to do so if the Halos had a reliable right-handed middle reliever, and, yes, I’d still be saying that even if Fernando Rodney wasn’t on the DL.  If this team wants to get serious about contending, they really need to bring someone else in.  It doesn’t have to be someone like Heath Bell, but they have to find some kind of upgrade over the crew of bums they keep running out there right now.  That is, unless, Michael Kohn somehow uses his save tonight to springboard him into a prominent role.
  • Go figure that just as Torii Hunter is FINALLY starting to hit well, he slams into the outfield wall and injured his shoulder or back.  Reports are that it isn’t too serious, but it is serious enough for him to lay on the ground for several minutes, leave the game and be scheduled for X-rays and an MRI (I think).  This is just like when last month Vernon Wells started to heat up and injured his groin and now has to start all over again.  Seriously, what did the Halos do to piss off the Baseball Gods?
  • All you purists can blow it out you butts when it comes to eliminating the DH.  What is the fun in the Marlins twice intentionally walking Hank Conger in RISP situations so that they can get to the pitcher, who naturally feebly struck out both times?  Am I supposed to enjoy the “strategy” involved there?  Sorry, not buying it.  I’d much rather see a pitcher actually pitch his way out of a jam rather than luck out that the pitchers’ spot is due up.

Halo Hero

Mark Trumbo

I’m supposed to call a doctor if this Trumboner doesn’t go away after four hours, right?

Garrett Wilson

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