Game Recap 6/24/11 — A Full Moon Kind of Game — Angels 8 Dodgers 3

This was just a weird game. The Angels couldn’t seem to get out of their way in the first couple of innings, but eventually straightened things out to get a crosstown win. Dan Haren pitched well enough to win, bearing down when necessary and the offense finally came alive to turn it into a blowout. Oh yeah, and Jeff Mathis made perhaps the dumbest play I have ever seen on a professional baseball field.

Angels 8 Dodgers 3

Game Notes

— I thought the Angels were supposed to win games through smart aggressive baserunning. What the hell was going on with the runners tonight? In the first two innings, 5 of the 9 outs were on the basepaths and the Angels ran for the cycle getting thrown out on all four bags. Special recognition to Mark Trumbo who was thrown out at first with a runner on second.
— Speaking of base stealers, what in the name of all that is holy was Jeff Mathis doing throwing to first as a runner was stealing second. A lot of people in baseball claim that Mathis is a great defensive catcher but this seems to be a lie. I thought Mike Scioscia was going to literally pop a vein after the play. Maybe this sort of boneheadedness will lead to him sitting for a bit.
— We have to end this Howie Kendrick outfield thing before someone gets hurt. Howie made a couple of nice plays diving to get liners but overall he seems to be lost out there. Which is what he should be SINCE HE IS A FREAKIN SECONDBASEMAN!!!! I blame interleague play and the fact that the Angels don’t have a real fourth outfielder to throw out there once in a while.
— We here at MWaH often crush the offense for lack of timely hitting, but we must take a moment to praise the team as a whole who went 5 for 6 with RISP. Of course, this will now lead to a two week drought of timely hits.
— Hinsori Takahashi put together another solid outing making the bullpen that much stronger. I no longer cringe in fear when he comes into the game, which is a good thing.

Halo Hero

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If Derek Jeter makes another All Star Game over Erick Aybar I will go absolutely bonkers. Aybar’s homer was the difference maker tonight and he continues to play strong defense. Quick, name me another Shortstop in the AL with a better resume for All Star status than Aybar. We need to mobilize right now Angel Army. Aybar for All Star, it even sounds right!!!