Game Recap 6/5/11: The Tex Man Cometh – Yankees 5, Angels 3

Somewhere, Arte Moreno is sulking and elsewhere Scott Boras is chortling.  The bane of Arte’s existence, Mark Teixeira, made Moreno regret those dubious free agency negotiations once more as his two homers sunk the Angels in this series and under .500 on the season.

Yankees 5, Angels 3

Game Notes:

  • It must be nice to hit homers on a regular basis.  With their three dingers today, the Yanks scored seven of their ten runs in the series via the long ball.
  • So when do we get to have a serious conversation about dropping Torii Hunter in the order?  In a week?  In a month?  I hate to be that guy, but Hunter just isn’t getting the job done and to keep him in the middle of the order on name brand recognition alone isn’t helping the offense any.  I’m sorry, but when the top three batters in the order reach base seven times combined and score just one run while the cleanup batter takes the collar, I think we all know whose fault that is.
  • How is it that Mark Trumbo is putting up the kind of numbers that could earn him Rookie of the Year and yet I feel like he is totally replaceable?

Halo A-Hole

Joel Pineiro

I thought sinkerball pitchers weren’t supposed to give up homers?

Garrett Wilson

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