Game Recap 6/6/11: The Pep Talk Didn’t Work – Rays 5, Angels 1

Hey, Sosh.  Umm, I don’t mean to tell you how to do your job but, well, I’m pretty sure that pre-game “closer doors” pep talk didn’t really work.  That is, of course, unless you were trying to talk the team into continuing to be inept offensively, which I’m pretty sure they would have done without a pep talk.

Rays 5, Angels 1

Let me ask you, Skipper, what is the point of a pep talk to invigorate the team going to accomplish unless you couple it with some actual changes?  Seriously, few managers juggle the lineup more than you do, but in the midst of a pretty length offensive drought, the lineup changes have been relatively minimal.  Especially to the middle of the order.  Especially to the clean-up spot. 

Dammit!  Will you just drop Hunter in the order already!!!!

Game Notes:

  • I’m going to go glass half-full here and say that even in a loss, Chatwood took a step forward here.  He fanned five while walking just one and of the nine hits he allowed, only one was an extra-base hit.  I can’t say that I much appreciated him getting largely roughed up by humps like John Jason, Justin Ruggiano and Reid Brignac, but I still consider it progress.
  • Really Takahashi?  Now you decide to throw two perfect innings with four strikeouts?  Feel free to save a little bit of that for an appearance when the Angels actually have the lead.
  • Just in case nobody noticed, we now live in a world where the opposing team has Casey Kotchman as their first baseman and clean-up hitter and it is making Angel fans jealous.  That is all.

Halo A-Hole

Sad Monkey

The A-Hole tonight is me for basically not getting anything posted today, including the preview for this game.  I’m still settling in here, and it turns out that moving is kind of hard, so I’ll just say that I will try and do better going forward.

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