Game Recap 6/7/11: I Can’t Watch… And That’s A Good Thing – Rays 4, Angels 1

When I first made the decision to move up here to Seattle, one of my biggest concerns was that I was no longer going to have easy access to the Angels on TV.  But aren’t I lucky because in the three games the Angels have played since I arrived in the Pacific Northwest, they have been completely and totally unwatchable with tonight being no exception.

Rays 4, Angels 1

Sure, I could spend a little green and get the MLB Extra Innings package or the package but what is my incentive to do soe when all I would be doing is paying to watch the Halos get their butts handed to them by the likes of Alex Cobb.  Alex Cobb doesn’t even know who the hell he is!  Sorry, but I’d much rather spend the $100 (or whatever) on having the homeless guy outside my building punch me in the balls once.  I’d suffer the same amount of pain as watching the Angels but at least it would only eat up a few minutes of my night instead of three hours.

I’ll tell you what, I’ll make deal with the Halos.  If they can win three games in a row and score five or more runs in all of those games, then I will bit the bullet and drop the dinero on an MLB package.  I figure that I won’t have to make good on that bet until some time in late August, so it should be a real bargain by then.

Game Notes:

  • Is it bad that the highlight of the game for the Halos was that Kevin Jepsen successfully completed an intentional walk without any incident whatsoever?  Yes, yet it is.
  • Well, I’d say Dan Haren looked alright.  He got off to a rough start, but he really settled in after a bit, so at least his back doesn’t look like it will be a problem going forward.  Run support, however, well…
  • I’m just glad that for one game, people finally stopped complaining about Torii Hunter.  It was nice to get a break.
  • Part one of the Vernon Wells mystery has been solved.  I wondered where Scioscia was going to bat Vernon in his return to the lineup and the answer was a very telling seventh.  This made me breath a major sigh of relief since Sosh is notorious for his blind faith to veterans.  Wells may (hopefuly) eventually move up in the order, but he has done nothing to earn it yet and it would have been pretty dumb if Scioscia just plopped Wells back into the five-hole simply because he is healthy again.

Halo A-Hole

Stoopid Monkey

Wow, I’m the A-Hole two nights in a row.  First, in my preview I tried to suggest that the Angels had Cobb’s number.  Yeah, right, like the Halo lineup could really be counted on to dominate anyone.  But then I even tried to be a smartypants and hedge my bets by predicting Cobb would go prove me wrong by shutting down the Angels after all.  I really hate myself sometimes.

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