Game Recap 6/8/11: I Ain’t Even Phased No More – Rays 4 Angels 3

What are you gonna do guys?

What are you gonna do?

I felt no emotion after that final strike call on Howie Kendrick, it’s almost as if I’ve been…desensitized to losing. That makes me shudder just thinking about it, what have I become? Is this what being a Mets fan is like? Now I’m scared.

Angels 3 Rays 4 

Game Notes

  • Bobby Abreu, what a magical magical man. If that’s just a taste of what having a real cleanup hitter is like I think I want a bite of the whole thing! Sorry for the crappy analogy there, that was the only way I felt I could express what I was feeling at that moment. I have never seen a clutcher hit from any Angel all season, aside from Hunters 2 run shot against Soria in KC. It’s a crying shame that he came mere inches from a walk-off blast, maybe now that the Angels are getting a taste of rock bottom they’ll get tired of it fast and start playing like men again,
  • Callaspos’ head must be stuck in 2010, or at least his glove. I don’t know what to think of this team right now, are they a bunch of guys slumping hard after a huge first month or were they just playing far over their heads in April? Callaspos’ offensive game wasn’t as bad as that botched catch and tag, but it wasn’t very good by any standards. An o’fer at the plate with 1 walk in the game isn’t so impressive, but the line doesn’t tell the whole story. An 8th inning walk to load the bases leading to a bases clearing game tying is grounds for a decent game in my book. It would have been even better if his 10th inning walk would have been followed by a walk off blast by Abreu, if that happened I definitely would not have objected to seeing another Callaspo-Abreu 3/4. 
  • Victor Rojas’ thinly veiled frustration with the Angels pleases me greatly. I would much rather have an honest announcer then someone who would try to feign a neutral stance. I think a return of the wrestling mask magic is long overdue for him and Gubi.

Halo A-Hole

vernon wells 

Should I stop pretending like he’s going to turn it around for the season or do I start getting life to a pathetic season for Wells? Where’s the player that was supposed to be the perfect hacking partner with Kendrys? He was supposed to power this offense through games, he can’t even get a runner to home from 3rd with no outs. I was at that game yesterday. I haven’t been to an Angel game in 2 years before yesterday, you’re a jerk for killing that rally before it got started.