Game Recap 7/16/11 — The Good with the Bad — Angels Split Double Header

That was seriously a lot of baseball yesterday. It was nice of the Angels to make one of my predictions finally come true by heading game two into extra innings. Too bad they couldn’t get the important part of the prediction right…the frickin’ win. All in all, a mixed bag comes from this experience as the Angels split the twin bill and lose 1/2 a game in the standings. It’s like kissing your sister. you are not happy about it but it could be worse, you could have to kiss your brother. Now the boys head into today’s game with a real need for a win but first let’s look back at the marathon that was yesterday’s action

Game one — Angels 4 A’s 2
Game two — Angels 3 A’s 4

Game 1 Notes
— God bless Jered Weaver. I don’t know how people can not look at him at the Cy Young frontrunner at this point. He dominated the A’s for the first five innings before tiring in the seventh. My thought was the emotions of the All Star start finally tired him out (hey, the excuse works for Jeter so why not apply it universally). But Jered was good enough to get the win and that’s what mattered.
— Nice work from the bullpen on this one (as opposed to what’s coming in game 2). Walden was sick in his inning of work and Downs was his usual steady self. This is exactly the blueprint that the Halos came up with for a win.
— The fact that the Angels scored in the first inning was key but we really should give an assist to umpire Dan Iassogna. He might just be the worst ump out there right now. By my count he has blown three calls in this series and was dreadful behind the plate on Thursday. If the MLB doesn’t do something about these umps soon, real problems will arise.

Halo Hero
Los Angeles Angels Jered Weaver tosses the baseball after giving
He just keeps making it look easy doesn’t he. Too bad we only have one to rely on.

Game Two Notes
— On to the night cap and this one played out pretty much like I expected it to. Except for the continued power outburst of Mark Trumbo and Vernon Wells. Maybe they can keep hitting dingers at this pace. It sure would be nice.
— Santana was steady if unremarkable. He wasn’t dominant but did all he could and gave his team a chance.
— This bases loaded lack of production thing has got to stop. The Angels continue to shoot themselves in the foot with their inability to get a hit when it matters the most. I can’t think of a team that has struggled so much when it should be the easiest to get a hit.
— Tonight’s game illustrated exactly why the Angels need a right handed reliever in the pen. Takahashi was very good in getting the game to extras but it is painfully obvious the pen is only three men deep. There has to be some urgency to get a right handed reliever to fill the gap and provide more stability. None of the in house guys have been capable of getting the job done.

Halo A-Hole
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Sorry Chopper, but if there is one rule of pitching it’s that you don’t walk the leadoff batter. You could have just turned to the TV off at that point since you knew the A’s were going to win after Thompson issued his base on balls. Like all the other Angel relievers, walks and erratic pitching under pressure make me feel quesy at the end of games. Wouldn’t Heath Bell look good in red right about now?