Game Recap 7/17/11: Worst Timng Ever – Athletics 9, Angels 1

So much for building momentum going into the big Texas series.  I know every team has days like this every once in awhile, but did it have to be today?  As the Comic Book Guy on The Simpsons would say, “worst… timing… ever.”

Athletics 9, Angels 1

There is no use in analyzing a disaster like this really, but the one major concern it created for me was whether or not Joel Pineiro is actually OK.  Joel has only walked four batters in a game once this year and issued just 23 free passes all season long before today and yet he goes out and walks four of the first five batters he faced.  His velocity appeared to be fine, but given the arm problems he experienced before the season started, I can’t help but wonder if something physical caused his command to completely abandon him.

If he is hurt, it would be comically bad timing.  Pineiro’s oblique injury last season around this time but a major damper on their already slim playoff hopes and a potential injury now would be just as dampening, especially since the Halos have virtually no starting pitching depth.

Then again, maybe it was just a bad day.  Maybe the extended time between starts threw Pineiro out of rhythm, I don’t know.  What I do know is that I am immensely glad that the Angels have an off day tomorrow to get this nasty taste out of their mouth before the big bad Rangers come to town.


Game Notes

  • After today’s game, Bobby Wilson now has the highest batting average (.235) out of all three Angel catchers.  I’m just saying.
  • Seven strikeouts in 24 at-bats for Mike Trout.  I think that fish might need a little bit more seasoning, no?  Seriously though, don’t panic about Trout’s slow start.  He made a big jump to the majors, so some growing pains are to be expected.  Then again, I understand if everyone is starting to get a little gunshy on the kid after the Brandon Wood experience.
  • This became official yesterday, but it needed to be pointed out.  Now that Howie Kendrick is hitting .294, the Angels don’t have a single position player batting over .300 on the entire roster.

Halo A-Hole

Joel Pineiro

Great timing for your worst start as an Angel Joel.  Thanks a lot.

Garrett Wilson

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