Game Recap 7/25/11: He Can Pitch, But They Can’t Hit

Another game in which the Jordan Walden let’s an Angels lead slip through his fingers. This game was destined for the toilet, and that’s just where it ended up.

Angels 2 Indians 3


  • Another walk off given up by Jordan Walden? Say it ain’t so! Oh but it’s true, just like he did in Los Angeles his rookie-ness bites him in the behind. I figured after Abreu’s walk off blast the Angels had this one in the bag. A secure lead in the 8th with Dan Haren wheeling made it seem all to easy for the Halo’s to win. It’s a shame Walden had to blow the save to, it would have kept the Angels 3 games back from Texas instead of dropping them them down a game in the rankings. It’s funny how one player’s bad game can hurt a whole teams playoff chances. I know it’s just one game, but it’s one game too many for this team.
  • Even though Dan Haren looked shaky straight out of the gate he managed to get it all together and pitch a fantastic game, a game which took place AFTER the all star break I might add. His control was much better then it was the past 2 starts, he managed to hold the team to 2 walks while striking out 10 men. Dan Haren was great tonight, but Carmona just happened to be a bit better, even though he was sweating like a horse the entire game. The man was sweating so much it seeped through his hat and dripped off the cap. I was fascinated and disgusted at the same time. 
  • This entire game gave me the proverbial “blue balls” to watch. Inning after inning after inning I had to sit and watch the Angels display ridiculously teasing warning track power. That and Buck managed to be in the perfect spot to catch every hard liner the Angels hit at the worst times, he managed to keep his team in the game with his glove. Thankfully Abreu broke that warning track power chain with his blast in the 8th, though it wasn’t enough to quell the Indians thirst for blood. 

Halo A-Hole


I’m not even angry with you anymore Walden, I’m just disappointed. Very disappointed.