Game Recap 7/5/11: Outdueled! – Angels 1, Tigers 0

It may be early to speculate on the AL Cy Young race, but I would say it is safe to say that Justin Verlander is the presumptive favorite for that award going into the break.  I would also say that Jered Weaver might actually be better and more deserving. 

But that doesn’t really matter, because Dan Haren was going toe-to-toe with Verlander tonight, and he might have just rocketed his name into the Cy Young conversation as well.

Angels 1, Tigers 0

Oh sure, Haren doesn’t have that shiny no-hitter on his resume, but after his sterling effort tonight, he does have a one-hitter and now a two-hitter to his credit so far this year.  The fact that he spun his gem against Verlander, who was just as on top of his game as Haren was, should only enhance Haren’s accomplishment.  It is one thing to throw a shutout when you have a six-run lead, but it is quite another to do it with just a one-run margin of error.

Of course, despite his continued great season and now this specatular start, Haren isn’t on the All-Star team and may not get added as an injury replacement since he is going to pitch on Sunday and thus end up being ineligible to pitch, so I worry that Ron Washington will just snub him altogether.

Game Notes

  • By the way, we’re back!  Sorry about the lack of updates of late, but I just moved into my permanent residence with the family this weekend, so internet connectivity has been unavailable.  That and my wife gets mad when I sit around typing while she carries heavy furniture.  Anyway, I’ll get started again with content this week, but it might still be a little light, but should be back to normal by next week.
  • Not being able to see the game tonight made me sad not only because I missed a great game, but because I also missed a Jim Leyland argument and ejection.  Was it as classic in my mind as I am imagining?  Wait, no!  Don’t tell me.  I don’t want to ruin the illusion.
  • Speaking of ejections, good work by Bobby Abreu.  I actually can’t believe he hasn’t been ejected since 2007.  He doesn’t argue much, but he does show a lot of displeasure whenever he gets hit with what I call a “Kabreu,” which is when he takes a called strike three on principle because he wants to prove how well he knows the strike zone.

Halo Hero

Dan Haren

A hero and a future All-Star?  I sure hope so.

Garrett Wilson

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