Game Recap 8/13/11 — Who was that Imposter? — Angels 2 Blue Jays 11

If you are wondering why it has taken me all day to sit down to write this recap, it’s because I’m still in a bit of a state of shock. Whoever that was on the mound for the Angels sure looked like Jered Weaver, but his performance was certainly not what we have all come to expect. It was as if his both Jeff took over his body and wanted to relive the glory days of watching homers fly over his head. Couple that with a punchless offense and you can see why I wasn’t real pumped to recap this fiasco.

Angels 2 Blue Jays 11

Game Notes

— You could tell Weaver was in trouble from the first inning on. His fastball was elevated and his breaking ball was flat. I didn’t think the extra days off would have such a pronounced effect, but clearly they did. At least we can no dispense with all the Cy Young talk since I imagine Justin Verlander was at home clearing off mantle space right about the time Adam Lind’s grand slam left the yard.
— Joel Pineiro made a guest appearance and tight roped his way through two innings. The first was his usual abject disaster but the second was little bit calmer. I don’t think we can expect to see him in the rotation any time soon.
— Good to see that Erick Aybar got a day off since he has been in a dreadful slump, but is the best we can do to replace him with is the beanpole that is Andrew Romine. Andrew, a word of advice, go back to Salt Lake and hit the weights…hard.
— Very quietly Alberto Callaspo is creeping up on .300 for season. Say what you will about his baserunning skills, which I think are non-exsistent, he has had a nice run at the plate lately and made a nice grab when the game was still interesting. Sure he’s not ideal for 3rd base but right now he the best option.

Halo A-Hole

After that outing I would probably have the same look on my face.