Game Recap 8/20/11 — Mercy, Mercy Me — Angels 9 Orioles 8

Okay, so I had this whole paragraph written going into the bottom of the twelth about how this loss was the bullpen’s fault. Then the Angels go a pull out an improbable win. So I stuck the original intro into the post later so you can read it. But this is why I love baseball, just when you think you’ve got a game pegged something wild happens. Games like these have a way of sparking clubs on runs and that is exactly what the Angels need. And as an added bonus the Angels picked up a game in the AL West standings. Amazing how the tide can turn on a dime!!

Angels 9 Orioles 8

Game Notes

— Joel Pineiro was exactly what I expected him to be tonight. He was really shaky in the beginning but did settle down to give 6 innings to keep his team in the game. I guess we can call that a win given what he has done in the not so recent past.
— Peter Boujos makes things happen. He is now officially my favorite Angel on the squad. He hustles, hits and plays great defense. I love watching him play.
— Remember when Erick Aybar was the best offensive player on the team. Those days are long gone my friend.
— So a day after I rip Bobby Abreu he shows a pulse and gets a big double to tie it early. Then he wins it with the sac fly in the bottom of the 12th. Maybe I need to ride him more often.
— The 12th inning Oriole meltdown was made extra special by the fact that it was due to the efforts of the uber-douchy Kevin Gregg. Never liked that guy. 
(Original intro before the comeback) I’ve had with this collection of wasted space we call a bullpen. There isn’t one reliable S.O.B. in the whole stinking crew. Tonight the Halo pen suckocity was on full display. Middle relief that puts the lead in jeopardy? Check. Closer who can’t get the job done? Check. Long guy who inevitably gets into trouble in extras? Check. Former closer now mopping up who gives up the eventual game winner? Check. I am now going to go curl up in the fetal position and hope we don’t ever have to rely on this community of garbage for the rest of the year.
— One more bullpen note: Fernando Rodney should be released immediately for not backing up the play that led to another run. It’s one thing to suck on the mound but he can at least do the basics without screwing up.
— The mere fact that Hank Conger got the bunt down and turned it into a run should get him some extra run behind the plate. He also had a nice block and threw out a runner at second. Don’t tell me his defense is that much of a liability.

Halo Hero

Honorable mention to the once dead Bobby Abreu but Peter Bourjos’s overall play was the key to this win. They don’t win if he doesn’t hit a homer and beat out the infield single. Love, love, love this guy!!!!