Game Recap 8/24/11: Body Swapping – Angels 8 White Sox 0

There’s some magic going on in Anaheim, not some happy go lucky 2002 WS Angels magic, but some dark magic never before seen since the likes of Freaky Friday. This isn’t the Angels offense we’ve been accepting this past season while you could say the same exact thing for the Texas Rangers. The Rangers offense has hit a nose dive since the series in Anaheim while the Angels bats have been ridiculously hot. It’s not just our big hitters that are gaining momentum either, the heat is starting to pass on to some of our struggling Angels. Hopefully the Angels don’t give the Rangers back their offense when they head into Texas tomorrow.

Angels 8 White Sox 0 

Not only did the White Sox get shut out last night (which is embarrassing), but they had the score run up on them (which is even more embarrassing). Zach Stewart even gave up an RBI double to Jeff Mathis, a double which looked like it was destined for the seats right off the bat yet landed mere inches from the wall. Jeff Mathis wasn’t the only struggling Angel that had himself a big game last night, Wells came up with 2 hits in 2 AB’s while walking once. Not a bad starting point to get hot for a guy who’s been ice cold the vast majority of the season. 

Game Notes

  • Erick Aybar, who was having a huge rebound year before he dropped off a cliff after the All-Star break is slowly regaining his pre All-Star break form. Aybar had a 3 RBI game last night, including 2 hits in 4 AB’s. He’s hit safely in his past 5 games, though it still isn’t enough to make up for his horrible August. Aybar was a big offensive piece for the Angels the 1st half of the season, and while they’ve gotten this far without his contributions at the plate getting Aybar back to form in time for the final push against Texas would be huge in getting this team to the postseason. Last night we got a chance to see what we’ve been missing all month from Aybar, I’m just hoping he doesn’t wait until after the Rangers series to explode at the plate.
  • Mike Trout had 1 AB in last nights game, that AB being a pinch hit opportunity for Vernon Wells. He came out of that AB with a hit, which may not seem like much to the average eye, yet means the world when it comes to Mike Trout. It isn’t easy for a rookie to come off the bench cold in the late innings of a game and come away with a hit in that situation, especially when it’s with a team who’s been disastrously pathetic when it comes to pinch hitting all season. 
  • Jered Weaver, oh what is left to say about you? It’s been the same thing with you pretty much all season and I’m starting to become bored with the comfort of a continually dominant pitcher who you can PEN in for 1 earned run or less in a game. Is this what it feels like to be a Yankees fan? God this is terrible.

Halo Hero

Another Halo Hero for Weaver, what a shocker. There must be a bonus clause in Weaver’s contract for number of Halo Heroes won.