Game Recap 8/6/11 — We’ll have problems, then bigger ones — Angels 1 Mariners 5

I have to admit that I didn’t watch this entire baseball game. Usually, I am pretty good about dutifully sitting through my Friday and Saturday assignments regardless of how the Angels are playing. On some occasions, I will tape the game and watch it after my children have gone to bed so they can avoid the screaming and swearing that happens. But tonight, after dinner, when I clicked on my iPad and saw the Angels were already losing I thought, screw it, I’m going to water my lawn.

It was obvious from just the few pitches I watched that Tyler Chatwood is now in over his head and the front office made a huge error in not going out and getting at least a serviceable major league pitcher. This raises a larger question. Can the Angels win the AL West with only three starting pitchers? Are the three amigos going to have to win every game the rest of the way just to give the Halos a chance? Only time will tell, but tonight was not a good sign.

Angels 1 Mariners 5

— Not real sure what to say about the offense tonight. They did have eight hits and spread the wealth a bit but it never seemed to engage in anything that resembled a threat.
— It kind of went unnoticed but Erick Aybar is struggling right now at the plate. He has like two hits in the past week and a half. It also highlights his influence on the rest of the line-up. When he is on the bats all seem to click, but when he’s off, then the whole thing tailspins like it is now. Just saying, watch Erick and you will know what kind of day it will be.
— Glad to see Bobby Abreu at least put the ball in play the other way a couple of times. Look, he is never going to hit another homer this year, but he still can eek out singles and doubles. That would certainly be better than the crap he’s been dishing the past two months.
— A Mariners note if you don’t mind. They actually seem to finally have some pieces. Ackley is legitimately scary as a hitter. But the real find in Trayvon Robinson. This kid is going to be a star. I would like to now reserve my place in line to beat the tar (really wanted to us another word here but this is a family blog) out of the McCourts for selling this kid off to pay for a lawyer’s new suit. Now I’ll have to see him killing the Angels for the next 5 years.

Halo A Hole

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What can you say. Tyler had no movement on the fastball tonight and seems like he just can’t get over the hump and get guys out. He had Kennedy down in the first and couldn’t put him away and it led to two runs. He was ahead a lot of the game in counts but kept letting guys hang around till they got to him. I think he might be getting tired, which is a really big problem. Tonight, he was just not good enough.

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